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Academy of Dietetics & Nutrition
Blonz Guide to Nutrition, Food and Health Resources
Body Mass Index Calculator
Calculate Your Body Mass Index (NIH)
ChooseMyPlate.Gov (USDA)
ChubbyGrub (Restaurant Nutrition Information)
Dictionary of Dietary Supplement Terms
Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2015- 2020
Dietary Reference Intakes (DRI's)
Dietary Supplement Fact Sheets (NIH)
Dietary Supplements (FDA)
Fast Food Nutrition Facts
Food & Nutrition Center, (from the Mayo Clinic)
Food & Nutrition Information Center
Food and Nutrition Information Center Nutrition Resource List
Food Insight, Nutrition & Food Safety Resource
Food Labeling and Nutrition Information (FDA)
Food Legislation Database
Glycemic Index
Health Finder
Health.Gov, Nutrition
HealthyPeople.Gov, Nutrition and Weight Status
Lifecycle Nutrition (from USDA)
Linus Pauling Institutes Micronutrient Information Center
Martindale's Nutrition Center
Mayo Clinic, Food and Nutrition Center
MedlinePlus, Diets
MedlinePlus, Nutrition
MedlinePlus, Nutrition for Seniors
Merck, Disorders of Nutrition (Consumer Version)
MyPlate Kitchen (USDA) Recipe Database
National Academies Press, Nutrition
NIH, Dietary Supplement Fact Sheets
Nutrition & Metabolic Diseases, Stanford Health Library
Nutrition A to Z (Harvard)
Nutrition Facts (from Merck)
Nutrition Facts.Org
Nutrition Links (from K-State)
Nutrition Resources (from CDC)
Nutrition Source, (Harvard School of Public Health)
Nutritive Value of Foods (USDA)
PubMed Database
Rudd Center for Food Policy & Obesity (UConn)
USDA Food & Nutrition Information Center
What the World Eats: a Comparison of World Diets (National Geographic)
WHO eLibrary of Evidence for Nutrition Actions (eLENA)
WolframAlpha, Food & Nutrition
World's Healthiest Foods