Library Liaisons

What can my library liaison do for me?

Your library liaison can support your teaching and research in a variety of ways:

Instructional Support

Library liaisons can:

  • Help to create online course guides with a customized, discipline-specific set of academic resources tailored to your assignments.
  • Look at your assignments and suggest appropriate ways to correlate library research, lead students in the use of library resources, and assess how well our resources will fit your assignment.
  • Visit with your class in order to guide your students in finding and using library resources appropriate to your assignment.

    You may also find the following teaching resources useful as you consider adding information literacy components to your classes:

  • Information literacy core competencies- the research skills your students should have at different points in their college careers.
  • Schoolcraft College’s manage information core ability
  • Information on evaluating sources items to consider

Information Seeking

Library liaisons can:

  • Collection development suggestions
  • Sharing information and consulting on the use of library databases
  • Discussing techniques for searching library databases and websites
  • Selecting reserve materials and locating academic websites relating to your discipline. 

We are actively looking for opportunities to meet with your students, attend departmental meetings, and for individual consultation.

Who is Your Liaison?

Contact your library liaison for the following subject areas:

Subject Contact and E-mail Phone Extension
Accounting Betty Ong 7673
Allied Health Wayne Pricer 5317
Anthropology Vicki Dixon 7626
Art Vicki Dixon 7626
Biology Joseph Miller
Biomedical Engineering Technology Kristin Keyes 5315
Business Wayne Pricer 5317
Chemistry Wayne Pricer 5317
College & Beyond Wayne Pricer 5317
COLLS Wayne Pricer 5317
Communication Arts Vicki Dixon 7626
Computer Aided Design Kristin Keyes 5315
Computer Graphics Technology Joseph Miller 7674
Computer Information Systems Vicki Dixon 7626
Corrections Joseph Miller
Criminal Justice Joseph Miller 7674
Culinary Arts Kristin Keyes 5315
Culinary Management Kristin Keyes 5315
Design Kristin Keyes 5315
Distance Learning Wayne Pricer 5317
Drafting Kristin Keyes 5315
Early Childhood Education Kristin Keyes 5315
Economics Betty Ong 7673
Education Kristin Keyes 5315
Electronic Technology Kristin Keyes 5315
Emergency Medical Technician Joseph Miller 7674
Engineering Wayne Pricer 5317
English Wayne Pricer 5317
English as a Second Language Vicki Dixon 7626
Environmental Studies Wayne Pricer 5317
Fire Technology Joseph Miller 7674
Geography Joseph Miller 7674
Geology Joseph Miller 7674
Global Studies Joseph Miller 7674
Health Information Technology Wayne Pricer 5317
History Joseph Miller 7674
Homeland Security Joseph Miller 7674
Humanities Joseph Miller 7674
Manufacturing Betty Ong 7673
Massage Therapy Kristin Keyes
Mathematics Wayne Pricer 5317
Medical Assisting Kristin Keyes 5315
Metallurgy Kristin Keyes 5315
Music Kristin Keyes 5315
Nursing Wayne Pricer 5317
Nursing Assistant (ADN) Kristin Keyes 5315
Philosophy Wayne Pricer 5317
Pharmacy Technician Kristin Keyes 5315 
Physics Wayne Pricer 5317
Political Science Joseph Miller 7674
Psychology Vicki Dixon 7626
Quality Management Vicki Dixon 7626
Sociology Joseph Miller 7674
Sound Recording Kristin Keyes 5315
Theatre Joseph Miller 7674
Welding Technology Betty Ong 7673
World Languages Kristin Keyes 5315