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Federal Depository Library ProgramSchoolcraft College has been a Federal Depository Library since 1962, serving the 11th Congressional District with print and electronic materials authored by Federal Government departments and agencies and published by the Government Printing Office in compliance with the United States Code, Title 44, Chapters 19 and 41. Michigan’s 11th Congressional District is represented by Congresswoman Haley Stevens, who can be reached through her web page


The Bradner Library is a selective depository for United States Government publications. Approximately 23% of the available publications are received. These publications, or documents, include statistical data, press releases, scientific and technical reports, and Congressional Hearings, as well as information chosen to support the college’s curricula.

Government publications are received in a variety of formats. Most are electronic and listed in the library online catalog; some are in book format and cataloged/shelved with the general collection; and the remainders is shelved in the Government Publications area or are located in the map case and microfiche files. 

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Paper Documents: Almost 20% of these documents are cataloged for reference, for the circulating collection, or for the periodicals area. Those items will be listed in the library’s online catalog and can be checked out. Most other paper-format documents circulate to qualified borrowers for 3 days. They are organized in SuDoc number order. An explanation of that system is displayed on a poster in the Government Publications area. These materials can be checked out from the Reference Desk. Some items are restricted for use in the library. Copiers are located near the Reference Desk.

Microfiche Documents: These are arranged by SuDoc number in the small files on the map case. A microfiche reader that will make copies is near the west bank of computers. Copies are 10 cents each.

Maps: CIA maps are filed in binders on top of the map case near the “D” stacks. Other government maps, including the Michigan topographic maps, are located in the map case.

Internet: The federal government produces a wealth of information in electronic form. Close to 13,000 of our selected documents are available through the library’s online catalog.

Others are available through links on the library’s home page:

  • Under Library Catalogs: Government Publications
  • Under World Wide Web: Government Info

Ask the Federal Depository Coordinator

For questions regarding the Federal Depository Library
Program, please contact our Federal Depository Coordinator, Olga Fryzel-Almaraz or call 734-462-5322.

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