International Student Health Insurance

Health insurance is mandatory for all F-1 international students each semester in which they are enrolled at Schoolcraft College. You must enroll in and maintain adequate health insurance coverage to comply with our regulations when you begin taking classes at Schoolcraft College. Each year you must submit proof of adequate health insurance to the international office. Failure to maintain adequate health insurance or submit proof of adequate coverage by the deadline communicated to you, will result in a class registration hold being placed on your student account.

F-2 Health Insurance

Although it is not a requirement, we highly recommend that F-2 dependents also enroll in a health insurance plan while in the United States. Medical expenses in the United States are very high. If a serious accident or illness occurs when a dependent is uninsured, this will create a costly financial problem.

Health Insurance Requirements

You will have time when you enter the U.S to enroll in health insurance. However, you can learn about our health insurance requirements and view accepted plans by reviewing the health insurance packet below.

Health Insurance Packet
It is your responsibility to purchase a plan that meets our requirements. If you are unsure, please reach out and email before purchasing a plan.

Special Circumstances: Canadian Students

Canadian students on an F-1 visa are required to be enrolled in a health insurance plan which provides adequate coverage. Health insurance requirements are detailed in our health insurance packet.

Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP)

OHIP is NOT an accepted insurance plan as it does not meet health insurance requirements or provide adequate coverage while you are in the United States. OHIP requires that any non-emergency or follow up care is provided in Canada.

Canadian Employer-based Insurance

You may use a Canadian employer-based insurance to satisfy health insurance requirements either as the primary holder or a dependent. This insurance must meet all requirements listed above. If the employer-based insurance lacks medical evacuation and repatriation you may purchase that coverage separately. 

Commuting Canadian Students

Commuting Canadian students are not required to purchase additional healthcare coverage if they submit proof of valid OHIP coverage. However, it is strongly recommended that you investigate the potential costs you may incur if you need to seek medical treatment in the United States. OHIP coverage in the United States is limited and you are responsible for any costs not covered by OHIP. If you are a commuting Canadian student who would like to “waive” out of the required health insurance please fill out and submit the “Canadian Commuter Waiver” form located on the forms section of our website.