In-Service Training

Law Enforcement In-Service

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this program endorsed by any local, state or federal agency or organization?

All of the law enforcement in-service classes are endorsed by the Wayne County Association of Chiefs of Police.

Do I have to be a police officer in order to attend any of the law enforcement in-service classes?

Most of the classes require that you be involved in some capacity in public safety.

Do I need to fulfill any prerequisites or testing prior to registering for any of these courses?

Typically, there are no prerequisites or testing required before registering for any of the courses.

Are there any medical stipulations before taking any of these courses?

There are no medical stipulations; however, you must be able to perform any of the tasks required for any of the classes that involve physical training.

Do I have to take the courses in a certain order?

Except for the accident investigation series, the classes can be taken in any order.

Is financial aid available?

As these courses are considered to be “Continuing Education and Professional Development” courses, financial aid is not available.

How do I register for these courses?

To register for any of the law enforcement in-service courses, contact the program directly by phone or e-mail listed at the right column.

What is the latest I can register for a course?

At least one week before the scheduled start of the class is required for registration.

What are the costs/fees associated with these courses?

Each course has a set fee. You can confirm pricing from the training flyer for the particular course.

What is the MCOLES Training Consortium?

The MCOLES Training Consortium is a grant funded program that allows departments to send any of their sworn officers to any of the grant approved courses at no fee.

How can we join the Consortium?

A department can join the consortium by paying a one-time fee of $25 per sworn officer. Please contact the law enforcement in-service program directly at (734) 462-4307 for additional details.