Distance Learning provides flexible options to help you meet your educational goals. These classes expand learning opportunities while allowing students to balance educational demands with work and family. Review this information to help determine which course style might be right for your learning and scheduling needs.

If you need more flexibility in your course schedule, Distance Learning has several options:

Course Length Course Location Due Dates
 Hybrid  5, 7, 12, and 15-week classes Approximately 50%online/ 50% traditional classroom
Scheduled Due Dates
 Online  5, 7, 12, and 15-week classes 100% online*
*All MATH courses require on-campus exams
Weekly Due Dates
 Open Entry/Open Exit
 7, 12, and 15-week classes
- Actual course length determined by you within the semester
- Extended enrollment window
- Opportunity to finish the course early
 Predominately online
- On-campus  assessment(s) required
- All faculty host office hours on campus to support your learning
 Due dates determined by:
- How much time you need to learn a topic
- When you are ready to complete an assessment
- Semester deadlines