Student Rights and Responsibilities

Academic Standards Policies

Schoolcraft College has an expectation that students will attend class regularly, be active participants in their education, avail themselves of services and resources that support the learning process, and make every effort to be successful. However, the college does recognize that circumstances may hinder a student’s success and when they fail to meet the minimum academic standards, academic disciplinary action may be required.

Academic Probation

Students who have completed 15 credit hours and earned cumulative grade-point averages below 2.0 are placed on academic probation. The college records probationary status on student transcripts Students on academic probation must meet with a counselor before registering for any semester or session until academic probation is removed. Academic probation is removed when the cumulative grade-point average is 2.0 or higher.

Academic Dismissal

Any student on academic probation who fails to earn a cumulative grade-point average of 2.0 or higher after completing a total of 30 credit hours will be academically dismissed from the college. The official record (transcript) reflect this status. The student will be notified by first-class mail. A student may appeal the dismissal. Students receiving financial aid assistance or Veteran benefits must meet the specific academic requirements that determine continuation for these programs. Readmission for Academically Dismissed Students In order to be readmitted, students must follow the guidelines for appeal outlined in the academic dismissal notification they receive via first-class mail.

Academic Forgiveness

Students can seek Academic Forgiveness for coursework completed more than 10 years ago if they have completed at least an additional 12 credit hours at or above a cumulative 2.0 GPA. Academic Forgiveness may be granted for one semester or session’s worth of work (regardless of the number of credits) or a total of 12 credit hours total over several semesters or sessions.

Academic Forgiveness can only be granted once and is non-reversible once it is granted. Due to federal regulations the Student Financial Services office does not acknowledge Academic Forgiveness when determining eligibility for aid. Transfer institutions may or may not acknowledge Academic Forgiveness. Written request for consideration for Academic Forgiveness must be filed by the student, signed by the student’s counselor or academic advisor, and submitted to the Registrar for consideration.