Intercultural Communication one of 16 new Fall Classes

June 29, 2020

Two female students talking as they walk out of a building with books in hand

A total of 16 all-new classes, ranging from humanities to occupational programs, will be offered by Schoolcraft College for the Fall 2020 term. Most are the standard 15 weeks and start the week of August 31.

“Guided by input from our faculty and students, national trends in higher education and conversations with business leaders, Schoolcraft College continuously updates its curriculum to deliver an outstanding educational experience,” said Dr. Michele Kelly, Dean of Liberal Arts and Sciences. “We’re pleased to offer so many all-new classes for Fall 2020.”

Among the more notable additions are:

  • BIOL 107 - Introduction to Microbiology (no lab)
  • COMA 105 - Introduction to Communication Studies
  • COMA 240 - Intercultural Communication
  • ENG 120 - Introduction to Literary Studies
  • MUSIC 160 - World Music
  • PSYCH 259 - Sports Psychology

COMA 240 is designed to enhance foundational knowledge in the discipline of communication studies. Students will learn the value of studying intercultural communication in an increasingly diverse and interrelated world. Topics of study will also include how culture influences identity, worldview, the global marketplace and the media, as well as conflict and barriers to effective communication across cultures. Students will practice skills necessary for cultural sensitivity and communication competence.

This course is one of several Communications Arts classes, including COMA 200, 202 and 212, to add the core ability “Demonstrate Social & Cultural Awareness.”

“Employers continue to require good communication skills, regardless of the profession, and Schoolcraft College is doing a great job of helping to prepare students to meet the demands of the workplace,” said Professor Deborah Z. Taracuk, who will be teaching COMA 240. “In fact, diversity and/or intercultural communication is part of every communication textbook I use as well as the many books I have reviewed over the past year.”

Schoolcraft College will be offering four types of courses for the Fall 2020 term: Traditional, Remote synchronous, Hybrid and Online synchronous. Here’s a brief description of each:

  • Traditional courses (TRAD), which meet on campus. Smaller classes, physical distancing and face coverings are some of the safety-minded changes in place for these classes.
  • Remote synchronous courses (RMT), which meet in real time, but remotely. Students are expected to participate in class meetings via web conferencing. Coursework is completed using the online course management platform, Blackboard.
  • Hybrid courses (HYB), which blend traditional and remote synchronous approaches. Lectures are offered remotely; students come to campus for lab work or studio time. Safety measures, such as face coverings and physical distancing, are part of the lab/studio experience.
  • Online synchronous courses (ONL), which are 100% asynchronous, meaning the class does not take place in real time. Students work on their own schedule to meet class deadlines, submitting work through the course management platform, Blackboard.

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