Happy Father’s Day to the Schoolcraft Student Dads

June 13, 2019

There are lots of students at Schoolcraft College who have returned to school after starting their families. Recent Schoolcraft graduate Tim Buffet is a tool and die maker who learned welding, machining, and reading diagrams and blueprints while working full-time and raising his family. He started his classes when his son was only 3 years old.

Buffet was working as a press operator and decided that he wanted more from his job, but family responsibilities made it difficult to be a traditional student. The Manufacturing and Technology Program staff at Schoolcraft College helped him secure an apprenticeship that provided him with flexibility of hours and firsthand experience in tool and die making while he completed his degree during a three year period.

“I pretty much picked when my classes would be and I chose mornings, afternoons and weekends,” said Buffet.

Schoolcraft College offers a flexible, sustainable, competency-based education and hands-on apprenticeship program to help fill the manufacturing industry technology skills gap and offer a clear pathway to meaningful employment.

Today, Buffet is working lots of overtime at a career he loves. He said, “To anyone considering going back to school, you can do this. I’m making more money and have challenging work now. This is far more mental than physical and there is nothing repetitive with the work I do now. I don’t do the same thing every day. You can do this.”

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