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March 28, 2019

Students Registering After April 15 Need to Confirm Address, Phone Number and Emergency Contact Information on WebAdvisor

Beginning April 15, 2019, students registering for Spring, Summer or Fall 2019 classes will be required to update their home address, phone number and emergency contact information before they will be allowed to register.

“Schoolcraft College needs to update all student information records annually to make sure it has the proper contact information to be used for important college announcements and in an emergency,” said Catherine McCardell, Associate Dean-Enrollment Services.  “It is a simple process that they can complete when they log into WebAdvisor, but they have to update their information or they won’t be allowed to register.”

McCardell said even if students had updated their phone number in WebAdvisor in the past, they will have to update all their contact information again when the log in on April 15 or after.

When students log into WebAdvisor and go to the Register and Drop Classes screen, they will be prompted to confirm their address, phone number and emergency contact information.  

To Confirm or Update their information, they can follow the process below or
watch this step-by-step video tutorial.


First, log into WebAdvisor. You will see requests in Red Type to confirm your contact information. 

A computer screencap of WebAdvisor

Next, select Student Menu at the top of the screen and then scroll down to the My Account section and select View My Account.

Student Menu My Account View My Account

A computer screencap of WebAdvisor


After clicking View My Account, the student will automatically be linked to Self Service where they can then select User Options. This is where the student will need to confirm or update all required information.

View My Account Self Service User Options


Then they will need to select Emergency Information to update their Emergency Contact.

A computer screencap image of WebAdvisor

Once the student confirms their information, they can click on Students Menu at the top of the page in the browser where they opened WebAdvisor and go to the Registration section and click on Register for Classes to begin registering for classes.

Students Menu Web Advisor Registration Register for Classes

A computer screencap of WebAdvisor

For questions regarding this Information Confirmation requirement, contact the Answer Center at 734-462-4426.

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