The Schoolcraft Connection Newspaper Staff Wins 31 Awards

April 15, 2018

The Schoolcraft Connection newspaper staff wins 10 awards from Michigan Press Association and 21 awards from Michigan Community College Press Association 

Group photo of the 2017-18 Schoolcraft Connection Editorial StaffThe staff of Schoolcraft College’s student newspaper, the Schoolcraft Connection, recently won 10 awards in the “College Better Newspaper Contest” sponsored by the Michigan Press Association (MPA) and 21 awards from the Michigan Community College Press Association (MCCPA).

For the MPA contest, the Connection competed in Division 3 represented by two-year college publications or newspapers publishing less than weekly. This division included several four-year university student publications such as the Spring Arbor University and Adrian College.

The 10 award categories and the students who won awards include:

  • 1st place for Feature Photo: Mikey Cebulski
  • 1st place for Non-Front Page Design: Hanna Olson
  • 2nd place for News-only Photo: Elizabeth Casella
  • 2nd place for Column-Review or Blog-News or Sports: Ken Narita
  • 2nd place for Editorial: Connection Staff
  • 2nd place for Feature Photo: Mikey Cebulski
  • 2nd place for Non-Front Page Design: Natalie Truxall (Livonia Career intern)
  • 3rd place for Best Photographer: Atticus Laird
  • 3rd place for Single Ad: Chrissy Begle

The 21 MCCPA awards the Connection staff  won include:

  • 1st place for Critical Review: Marvin Poindexter
  • 1st place for Original Comic-Entertainment: Lauren Senkbeil
  • 1st place for Sports News Photo: David Vega
    1st place for Photo Essay or Digital Slideshow: Chrissy Begle
    1st place for Front Page Design: Kevin Ferguson
  • 2nd place for Original Cartoon-Editorial: Lauren Senkbeil
  • 2nd place for Inside Page Design: Connection Staff
    2nd place for General Excellence-Division 1-Connection Staff
    2nd place for Video Production or Audio Slideshow Production- Jimmy Modelski
  • 3rd place News Website: Connection Staff
  • 3rd place for Front Page Design: Chrissy Begle
  • 3rd place for Sports Feature Photo: Melissa Green
    3rd place for Sports News Photo: Heidi Allen
    3rd place for Sports Column-Elizabeth Casella/James Paxson
  • Honorable Mention for Column Serious: Alexandra Lachine
    Honorable Mention for Sports Feature: Lauren Engelhardt
    Honorable Mention for Editorial: Connection Staff
    Honorable Mention for Original Cartoon: Jay Paul
    Honorable Mention for Headline Writing: Mariam Ahmad
    Honorable Mention for Photo Essay or Digital Slideshow: Melissa Green
    Honorable Mention for Video Production: Jimmy Moldelski/ JT McBain

In addition to these 31 awards, the Connection also placed in the Top Three Division 3 College Newspapers in Michigan. As a result, the Connection has been invited to attend the 2018 Michigan Press Association Convention and Gala in in Lansing Michigan on May 10 to accept their award.

Congratulations to the Schoolcraft Connection staff on these outstanding achievements. 

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