New this Fall: Biology Research Internship Opportunities

July 14, 2017

Two Unique Biology Courses that Provide Students with Biological Research Internships
Offered This Fall at Schoolcraft College 
       Real life experience and internships can give college students an advantage when searching for a job after graduating, and Schoolcraft College’s two Life Science Laboratory Biology classes being offered this fall term bring real-world laboratory and research experience into the classroom.  
       The two courses-Biology 290 Life Science Laboratory Techniques Internship and Biology 295 Life Science Laboratory Directed Research Internship—give students actual experience in conducting life-science based laboratory experiments and research.        
     “These internship courses provide validated proficiency in practical life science skills required by respective biotechnology and chemistry industries,” said David O’Hagan, PhD, instructor for the two courses.
      O’Hagan said the jobs in this growing sector include biological, biomedical and veterinary technicians.  
      In the Biology 290 Life Science Laboratory Techniques Internship, students work in the laboratory to conduct life science-based experiments and learn core biological laboratory skills and techniques that they would use when conducting life science research. The Biology 295 Life Science Laboratory Directed Research Internship builds on the learnings in Biology 290 and focuses on addressing investigational questions to achieve the development of novel and practical solutions for important challenges in the areas of cancer and bioenergy.
       Schoolcraft College offers 18 Biology classes that may be transferred to a four-year college or university or may be applied toward a certificate or degree program in another area of study at the college. For more information on these two Biology courses, email David O’Hagan at