JumpStart 4000

JumpStart! 4000 includes a review of expressions, linear equation solving, graphing lines, exponent rules, and factoring polynomials.
For students entering: MATH 105, 106 or 113, CHEM 051, ECON 201 or 202, PHYSICS 051 or 104, ELEC 137 or 145, BMET 125, or NURS 102, 104 or 110

It is recommended that students attend JumpStart! Math Survival Skills before attending this workshop. 

This JumpStart! Workshop will be hosted on the Livonia campus in LA 200 and as live webinar. To access the workshop course packets and directions  to log onto to a webinar, please visit our online workshop page.

To register for JumpStart! Please e-mail your namestudent number and the workshop(s) you wish to attend to jumpstart@schoolcraft.edu, and let us know if you require any accommodations

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