Getting Started

Whether you are taking an Online, Hybrid, OEOE or an on-campus course using Blackboard, this will help you to get started.

  1. Verify your login: You can verify your login by logging into Blackboard or your Schoolcraft email. If you are having trouble logging in try the default password. Note if you have an older account your account may not have been created yet in Blackboard, these accounts are created just before the start date of the class.  You can still verify that you are able to login by logging into your Schoolcraft email account, these programs both use the same username and password.
  2. Verify and buy your books: You can come to the Bookstore on campus or go to to find out what books are needed. Make sure you know your course name and course section.
  3. Know your Start Date:  You can log into WebAdvisor to check your start date under your course schedule.  Note courses become available in Blackboard on their start date.
  4. Next you should review the Navigating Blackboard video along with the other videos on the Video Tutorials Page.

That's it, "Welcome to online learning", remember you can return to these pages any time during the semester. Have a great semester.