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Plastic Technology

It is hard to think of an industry that does not use plastic materials. Plastics abound in today’s vehicles, food packaging, medical supplies, and toys. The technology is advancing at a rapid pace with innovations such as 3D printing for rapid prototyping of car parts or even making medical prosthetics. Using plastic materials in automobiles improves fuel efficiency, as plastics make the vehicle lighter. The current advances in plastic recycling will also help industry further reduce its carbon footprint.

There are careers available in the plastics industry and Schoolcraft College offers two routes to gain knowledge of this ever-expanding field.

Plastic Materials and Processing Industry Workshop

This 12-week industry workshop is designed for those working in the plastics industry who want to enhance their skills plastic materials and processing and apply the knowledge on the job. This class will benefit individuals working in sales or purchasing, in addition to those employees working directly in production.

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Company-Paid Tuition is an option. Please contact for more information.

Plastic Technology Credit Programs

The Plastic Technology program offers three levels of certifications. The curriculum is designed to help students acquire knowledge, skills and behaviors necessary to become a competent molding machine operator or technician.

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