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Course Schedule

Schoolcraft is excited to offer traditional credit face-to-face, hybrid, online, and remote classes. We are committed to providing students a safe experience based on recent COVID-19 concerns.

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English Winter 2021
Status and Seats Available as of 1/24/2021 5:22:35 AM
CourseSectionCourse TitleSeats Available ⁄ Capacity ⁄ WaitlistStatusInstructorsLocationCredit HoursFeeDays-Time-Room

ENGLISH; No of Weeks : 15


Begins : Monday, January 11, 2021

050111502Mod English Grammar2/30/0OpenSchell DRMT3$12.00T R  02:30 PM-03:50 PM WEBWEB
055111505Bldg Writing Skills2/30/0OpenBriggs BRMT3$12.00M W  09:30 AM-10:50 AM WEBWEB
055111507Bldg Writing Skills1/30/1ClosedSchell DRMT3$12.00T R  10:00 AM-11:20 AM WEBWEB
055111511Bldg Writing Skills1/30/2ClosedSchell DRMT3$12.00T R  01:00 PM-02:20 PM WEBWEB
055111558Bldg Writing Skills1/30/3ClosedSchell DRMT3$12.00R  06:00 PM-08:54 PM WEBWEB
101111303English Composition 10/30/2ClosedMaheshwari ARMT3$12.00F  09:00 AM-11:54 AM WEBWEB
101111304English Composition 14/31/0OpenFundukian LRMT3$12.00T R  08:00 AM-09:20 AM WEBWEB
101111305English Composition 13/30/0OpenTucker CRMT3$12.00F  09:00 AM-11:54 AM WEBWEB
101111306English Composition 14/30/0OpenHunley ERMT3$12.00T R  11:30 AM-12:50 PM WEBWEB
101111309English Composition 10/30/1ClosedRybicka ERMT3$12.00T R  10:00 AM-11:20 AM WEBWEB
101111313English Composition 14/30/0OpenPoswalk JRMT3$12.00M W  11:30 AM-12:50 PM WEBWEB
101111322English Composition 12/30/0OpenHunley ERMT3$12.00T R  01:00 PM-02:20 PM WEBWEB
101111323English Composition 11/30/0OpenHarden ARMT3$12.00M W  02:30 PM-03:50 PM WEBWEB
101111326English Composition 123/30/0OpenTucker CRMT3$12.00T  02:30 PM-05:24 PM WEBWEB
101111362English Composition 117/30/0OpenTolen CRMT3$12.00R  06:30 PM-09:24 PM WEBWEB
101111363English Composition 116/30/0OpenKallas JRMT3$12.00W  06:30 PM-09:24 PM WEBWEB
101112302English Composition 11/30/4ClosedAddi OONL3$12.00 
101112365English Composition 13/30/0OpenMaheshwari AONL3$12.00 
101112491English Composition 11/30/0OpenMaheshwari AONL3$12.00 
101112945English Composition 12/30/0OpenAddi OONL3$12.00 
101112955English Composition 10/30/0ClosedMaheshwari AONL3$12.00 
101216135English Composition 111/30/0OpenThomson A RRMT3$12.00T  01:00 PM-03:54 PM WEBWEB
101216180English Composition 118/30/0OpenThomson A RRMT3$12.00T  06:00 PM-08:54 PM WEBWEB
102111407English Composition 22/30/0OpenSimmons-Short IRMT3$12.00M W  12:30 PM-01:50 PM WEBWEB
102111409English Composition 22/30/0OpenTucker CRMT3$12.00M W  10:00 AM-11:20 AM WEBWEB
102111412English Composition 23/30/0OpenAddi ORMT3$12.00T R  01:00 PM-02:20 PM WEBWEB
102111413English Composition 27/30/0OpenAddi ORMT3$12.00T R  11:30 AM-12:50 PM WEBWEB
102111414English Composition 21/30/0OpenRiddell KRMT3$12.00M W  10:00 AM-11:20 AM WEBWEB
102111416English Composition 23/30/0OpenPoswalk JRMT3$12.00T R  11:30 AM-12:50 PM WEBWEB
102111417English Composition 216/30/0OpenSosnoski SRMT3$12.00M W  11:30 AM-12:50 PM WEBWEB
102111418English Composition 213/30/0OpenSosnoski SRMT3$12.00M W  01:00 PM-02:20 PM WEBWEB
102111420English Composition 24/30/0OpenSosnoski SRMT3$12.00M W  10:00 AM-11:20 AM WEBWEB
102111422English Composition 214/30/0OpenGraski CRMT3$12.00T R  01:00 PM-02:20 PM WEBWEB
102111423English Composition 20/30/0ClosedDitouras HRMT3$12.00T R  02:30 PM-03:50 PM WEBWEB
102111424English Composition 224/30/0OpenBriggs BRMT3$12.00M W  11:00 AM-12:20 PM WEBWEB
102111427English Composition 214/30/0OpenGraski CRMT3$12.00M  01:00 PM-03:54 PM WEBWEB
102111430English Composition 219/30/0OpenSimmons-Short IRMT3$12.00M W  02:30 PM-03:50 PM WEBWEB
102111432English Composition 22/30/0OpenPoswalk JRMT3$12.00T R  10:00 AM-11:20 AM WEBWEB
102111433English Composition 20/30/0ClosedBarnes BRMT3$12.00T R  09:30 AM-10:50 AM WEBWEB
102111446English Composition 213/30/0OpenBarnes BRMT3$12.00F  09:00 AM-11:52 AM WEBWEB
102111450English Composition 223/30/0OpenSimmons-Short IRMT3$12.00M W  06:00 PM-07:20 PM WEBWEB
102111460English Composition 22/30/0OpenKallas JRMT3$12.00T  06:00 PM-08:54 PM WEBWEB
102112768English Composition 21/30/3ClosedHays SONL3$12.00 
102112943English Composition 22/30/0OpenDitouras HONL3$12.00 
102112948English Composition 20/30/0ClosedRybicka EONL3$12.00 
102112958English Composition 20/30/2ClosedDitouras HONL3$12.00 
102112995English Composition 20/30/3ClosedDitouras HONL3$12.00 
102118610English Composition 21/30/0OpenDitouras HRMT3$22.00F  10:00 AM-12:54 PM WEBWEB
102118615English Composition 24/30/0OpenRybicka ERMT3$22.00M W  11:30 AM-12:50 PM WEBWEB
102118628English Composition 27/30/0OpenBerg SRMT3$22.00M W  01:30 PM-02:50 PM WEBWEB
102118631English Composition 219/30/0OpenFundukian LRMT3$22.00S  09:00 AM-11:54 AM WEBWEB
102216152English Composition 24/30/0OpenThomson A RRMT3$12.00M  06:00 PM-08:52 PM WEBWEB
106111425Business English5/30/0OpenRybicka ERMT3$12.00M W  09:00 AM-10:20 AM WEBWEB
116111429Technical Writing6/30/0OpenBarnes BRMT3$12.00M W  12:30 PM-01:50 PM WEBWEB
116216172Technical Writing8/30/0OpenTolen CRMT3$12.00M  06:00 PM-08:54 PM WEBWEB
120111434Intro Lit Studies26/30/0OpenBerg SRMT3$12.00T R  01:00 PM-02:20 PM WEBWEB
200111431Intro Film14/30/0OpenBerg SRMT4$22.00T R  11:00 AM-12:54 PM WEBWEB
203111415Childrens Lit1/30/0OpenBarnes BRMT3$12.00M W  10:00 AM-11:20 AM WEBWEB
205117133Creative Writing14/31/0OpenRiddell KRMT3$12.00W  01:00 PM-03:54 PM WEBWEB
206117134Creative Writing14/31/0OpenRiddell KRMT3$12.00W  01:00 PM-03:54 PM WEBWEB
221111437Adv Composition21/30/0OpenFundukian LRMT3$12.00M W  08:00 AM-09:26 AM WEBWEB
244111443Intro Lit Poetry19/30/0OpenHarden ARMT3$12.00M W  12:00 PM-01:20 PM WEBWEB
245111442Intro Lit Drama28/30/0OpenGraski CRMT3$12.00T R  10:00 AM-11:20 AM WEBWEB

ENGLISH; No of Weeks : 12


Begins : Tuesday, February 2, 2021

050111553Mod English Grammar13/30/0OpenZorn LRMT3$12.00T  06:00 PM-09:38 PM WEBWEB
050118600Mod English Grammar0/30/0ClosedZorn LRMT3$22.00M W  10:00 AM-11:46 AM WEBWEB
100112913Communication Skill1/31/0OpenRybicka EONL3$12.00 
101111308English Composition 10/30/0ClosedMaheshwari ARMT3$12.00M W  02:30 PM-04:10 PM WEBWEB
101111310English Composition 10/30/0ClosedPoswalk JRMT3$12.00M W  02:00 PM-03:40 PM WEBWEB
101111324English Composition 11/10/0OpenHarden AMC3$12.00T R  12:30 PM-02:16 PM LA410
101111351English Composition 19/30/0OpenFundukian LRMT3$12.00M W  06:00 PM-07:46 PM WEBWEB
101112396English Composition 10/30/1ClosedMaheshwari AONL3$12.00 
101112747English Composition 10/30/3ClosedMaheshwari AONL3$12.00 
101112778English Composition 10/30/0ClosedMaheshwari AONL3$12.00 
102111411English Composition 20/10/3ClosedHarden AMC3$12.00T R  10:00 AM-11:46 AM LA320
102111435English Composition 23/30/0OpenSosnoski SRMT3$12.00M W  08:00 AM-09:40 AM WEBWEB
102112387English Composition 20/30/1ClosedHays SONL3$12.00 
102112469English Composition 20/30/4ClosedRybicka EONL3$12.00 
102112767English Composition 20/30/3ClosedHays SONL3$12.00 
102112975English Composition 20/20/0ClosedSimmons-Short IONL3$12.00 
102112983English Composition 20/30/1ClosedHunley EONL3$12.00 
102118605English Composition 20/30/2ClosedGraski CRMT3$22.00T R  08:00 AM-09:40 AM WEBWEB
106111426Business English7/10/0OpenZorn LMC3$12.00T R  10:00 AM-11:46 AM LA420
116112951Technical Writing1/31/0OpenLindenberg AONL3$12.00 

ENGLISH; No of Weeks : 7


Begins : Monday, January 11, 2021

101112371English Composition 18/30/0OpenHays SONL3$12.00 
101118607English Composition 113/30/0OpenMaheshwari ARMT3$22.00T R  10:00 AM-01:10 PM WEBWEB
102112437English Composition 24/30/0OpenScott MONL3$12.00 

Begins : Tuesday, March 16, 2021

101112721English Composition 10/30/0ClosedLindenberg AONL3$12.00 
101112743English Composition 114/30/0OpenLindenberg AONL3$12.00 
102112449English Composition 215/30/0OpenLindenberg AONL3$12.00 
102112777English Composition 211/30/0OpenScott MONL3$12.00 
102112947English Composition 22/30/0OpenScott MONL3$12.00 
102118606English Composition 27/30/0OpenRiddell KRMT3$22.00T R  10:00 AM-01:10 PM WEBWEB

ENGLISH; No of Weeks : 5


Begins : Monday, January 11, 2021

101112967English Composition 118/30/0OpenHunley EONL3$12.00 

Begins : Monday, February 15, 2021

102112765English Composition 28/30/0OpenScott MONL3$12.00 

Begins : Monday, March 29, 2021

102112939English Composition 20/30/0ClosedThomson A RONL3$12.00 

Key: Day of the Week

  • T = Tuesday
  • R = Thursday
  • S = Saturday
  • X = Sunday

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