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Course Schedule

Schoolcraft is excited to offer traditional credit face-to-face, hybrid, online, and remote classes for Fall 2020 while providing students a safe experience based on recent COVID-19 concerns.

Please see the COVID-19 web page to learn more. Keep checking the schedule for additions on our New, Added, and Late Starting Courses web page.

Nursing Fall 2020
Status and Seats Available as of 10/27/2020 5:31:02 AM
CourseSectionCourse TitleSeats Available ⁄ Capacity ⁄ WaitlistStatusInstructorsLocationCredit HoursFeeDays-Time-Room

NURSING - NCLC; No of Weeks : 12


Begins : Monday, August 31, 2020

104145701Pharmacology for Nurses7/32/0OpenAustin HRMT3$62.00T  03:15 PM-06:55 PM WEBWEB
104145717Pharmacology for Nurses7/32/0OpenAustin HRMT3$62.00R  03:15 PM-06:55 PM WEBWEB

NURSING - NCLC; No of Weeks : 7


Begins : Monday, August 31, 2020

105145702Foun Nurs Prac 18/32/0OpenCampbell T / Maheras NHYBMC4$666.00M  08:00 AM-01:18 PM WEBWEB
T W  08:00 AM-12:46 PM AS200
105145703Foun Nurs Prac 12/32/0OpenBrendel HHYBMC4$666.00M  10:00 AM-03:18 PM WEBWEB
T W  03:00 PM-07:46 PM AS200
105145704Foun Nurs Prac 12/32/0OpenMott MHYBMC4$666.00W  08:00 AM-01:18 PM WEBWEB
R F  08:00 AM-12:46 PM AS200
105145705Foun Nurs Prac 11/32/0OpenSchaffrath MHYBMC4$666.00W  10:00 AM-03:18 PM WEBWEB
R F  03:00 PM-07:46 PM AS200
107145718Med Surgical Nurs4/32/0OpenCampbell T / Maheras NHYBMC4.5$589.00M  08:00 AM-01:18 PM WEBWEB
205145710Adv Med Surg Nurs10/32/0OpenAustin H / Lloyd EHYBMC4.5$574.00W  09:00 AM-02:48 PM WEBWEB
205145711Adv Med Surg Nurs4/32/0OpenLloyd E / Austin HHYBMC4.5$574.00W  09:00 AM-02:48 PM WEBWEB
246145714Psych Mental Health4/32/0OpenSmith LHYBMC4$564.00W  09:00 AM-01:46 PM WEBWEB
246145715Psych Mental Health5/32/0OpenSmith LHYBMC4$564.00F  09:00 AM-01:46 PM WEBWEB
248145712Maternal Child Nursing 26/32/0OpenCronin B / Stegbauer KHYBMC5$584.00R  09:00 AM-02:15 PM WEBWEB
248145716Maternal Child Nursing 21/32/0OpenStegbauer K / Cronin BHYBMC5$584.00R  09:00 AM-02:15 PM WEBWEB

Begins : Tuesday, October 27, 2020

106145706Foun Nurs Prac 212/32/0OpenCampbell THYBMC4.5$609.00M  08:00 AM-01:18 PM WEBWEB
T W  08:00 AM-02:20 PM OFCTBD
106145707Foun Nurs Prac 25/32/0OpenMaheras NHYBMC4.5$609.00M  10:00 AM-03:18 PM WEBWEB
T W  03:00 PM-09:20 PM OFCTBD
106145708Foun Nurs Prac 27/32/0OpenMott MHYBMC4.5$609.00W  08:00 AM-01:18 PM WEBWEB
R F  08:00 AM-02:20 PM OFCTBD
106145709Foun Nurs Prac 21/32/0OpenSchaffrath MHYBMC4.5$609.00W  10:00 AM-03:18 PM WEBWEB
R F  03:00 PM-09:20 PM OFCTBD
108145724Surg Med Nurs15/32/0OpenBrendel HHYBMC4.5$589.00M  10:00 AM-03:18 PM WEBWEB
205145720Adv Med Surg Nurs2/32/0OpenAustin H / Lloyd EHYBMC4.5$574.00W  09:00 AM-02:48 PM WEBWEB
205145721Adv Med Surg Nurs3/32/0OpenLloyd E / Austin HHYBMC4.5$574.00W  09:00 AM-02:48 PM WEBWEB
246145722Psych Mental Health10/32/0OpenSmith LHYBMC4$564.00W  09:00 AM-01:46 PM WEBWEB
246145725Psych Mental Health4/32/0OpenSmith LHYBMC4$564.00F  09:00 AM-01:46 PM WEBWEB
248145713Maternal Child Nursing 22/32/0OpenCronin B / Stegbauer KHYBMC5$584.00T  09:00 AM-02:15 PM WEBWEB
248145723Maternal Child Nursing 25/32/0OpenStegbauer K / Cronin BHYBMC5$584.00T  09:00 AM-02:15 PM WEBWEB

Key: Day of the Week

  • T = Tuesday
  • R = Thursday
  • S = Saturday
  • X = Sunday

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