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Course Schedule

Schoolcraft is excited to offer traditional credit face-to-face, hybrid, online, and remote classes for Fall 2020 while providing students a safe experience based on recent COVID-19 concerns.

Please see the COVID-19 web page to learn more. Keep checking the schedule for additions on our New, Added, and Late Starting Courses web page.

Mathematics Fall 2020
Status and Seats Available as of 10/27/2020 5:59:14 AM
CourseSectionCourse TitleSeats Available ⁄ Capacity ⁄ WaitlistStatusInstructorsLocationCredit HoursFeeDays-Time-Room

MATHEMATICS; No of Weeks : 15


Begins : Monday, August 31, 2020

045143000Basic Mathematics1/24/0OpenFelton ARMT4$12.00S  09:00 AM-12:54 PM WEBWEB
045143001Basic Mathematics13/24/0OpenAbney LRMT4$12.00M W  07:30 AM-09:24 AM WEBWEB
045143005Basic Mathematics2/24/0OpenStreet SRMT4$12.00M W  01:30 PM-03:24 PM WEBWEB
045143011Basic Mathematics8/24/0OpenAbney LRMT4$12.00T R  08:00 AM-09:54 AM WEBWEB
045143108Basic Mathematics9/24/0OpenAbney LRMT4$12.00F  09:00 AM-12:54 PM WEBWEB
045143135Basic Mathematics6/24/0OpenRoupas KRMT4$12.00T R  04:00 PM-05:54 PM WEBWEB
045246103Basic Mathematics1/24/0OpenStreet SRMT4$12.00M W  09:00 AM-10:54 AM WEBWEB
045246252Basic Mathematics9/24/0OpenFelton ARMT4$12.00M W  06:30 PM-08:24 PM WEBWEB
047142450Prealgebra9/31/0OpenHouse HONL3$12.00 
047143013Prealgebra3/24/0OpenRainey ARMT3$12.00M W  12:30 PM-01:50 PM WEBWEB
047143016Prealgebra1/24/0OpenCarley DRMT3$12.00M W  02:00 PM-03:20 PM WEBWEB
047143056Prealgebra10/24/0OpenAbney LRMT3$12.00M W  07:30 PM-08:50 PM WEBWEB
047246009Prealgebra8/24/0OpenMaheshwari NRMT3$12.00M W  09:00 AM-10:20 AM WEBWEB
053142943Beginning Algebra8/31/0OpenMingela AONL4$12.00 
053142944Beginning Algebra11/31/0OpenMingela AONL4$12.00 
053143003Beginning Algebra4/24/0OpenIbrahim SRMT4$12.00T R  03:00 PM-04:54 PM WEBWEB
053143018Beginning Algebra2/24/0OpenShields KRMT4$12.00T R  11:00 AM-12:54 PM WEBWEB
053143021Beginning Algebra14/24/0OpenMaheshwari NRMT4$12.00T R  09:00 AM-10:54 AM WEBWEB
053143022Beginning Algebra5/24/0OpenMaddox ARMT4$12.00T R  02:00 PM-03:54 PM WEBWEB
053143025Beginning Algebra1/24/0OpenHouse HRMT4$12.00M W  03:00 PM-04:54 PM WEBWEB
053143026Beginning Algebra2/24/0OpenMaddox ARMT4$12.00T R  10:00 AM-11:54 AM WEBWEB
053143060Beginning Algebra16/24/0OpenMaheshwari NRMT4$12.00T R  06:00 PM-07:54 PM WEBWEB
053143127Beginning Algebra4/24/0OpenShields KRMT4$12.00M W  11:00 AM-12:54 PM WEBWEB
053246119Beginning Algebra2/24/0OpenIbrahim SRMT4$12.00T R  09:00 AM-10:54 AM WEBWEB
101142401Business Math9/31/0OpenJankoviak Anderson KONL3$12.00 
101142411Business Math19/31/0OpenJankoviak Anderson KONL3$12.00 
101143020Business Math8/24/0OpenJankoviak Anderson KRMT3$12.00F  09:00 AM-11:54 AM WEBWEB
101143023Business Math19/24/0OpenJankoviak Anderson KRMT3$12.00T R  08:00 AM-09:20 AM WEBWEB
101143125Business Math7/24/0OpenCapps D / Ibrahim SRMT3$12.00M W  11:00 AM-12:20 PM WEBWEB
102143030Technical Mathematics4/24/1ClosedHu ZRMT4$12.00M W  09:00 AM-10:54 AM WEBWEB
105143087Math Elem Teachers 12/24/0OpenMaddox ARMT4$12.00T R  06:30 PM-08:24 PM WEBWEB
106143029Math for Elem Teachers 28/24/0OpenRainey ARMT4$12.00T R  12:00 PM-01:54 PM WEBWEB
111142711Applications Utility Math8/31/0OpenMcCoy MONL4$12.00 
111142713Applications Utility Math5/31/0OpenMcCoy MONL4$12.00 
111142784Applications Utility Math13/31/0OpenMcCoy MONL4$12.00 
111143008Applications Utility Math5/24/0OpenShalan SRMT4$12.00M W  11:00 AM-12:54 PM WEBWEB
111143123Applications Utility Math5/24/0OpenJankoviak Anderson KRMT4$12.00T R  01:00 PM-02:54 PM WEBWEB
111143165Applications Utility Math8/24/0OpenMaheshwari NRMT4$12.00M W  04:30 PM-06:24 PM WEBWEB
111143166Applications Utility Math7/24/0OpenLai HRMT4$12.00T R  06:00 PM-07:54 PM WEBWEB
111246010Applications Utility Math2/24/0OpenKrishnan VRMT4$12.00T R  12:00 PM-01:54 PM WEBWEB
113142348Inter Algebra5/31/0OpenLazarski AONL4$12.00 
113142958Inter Algebra5/31/0OpenLazarski AONL4$12.00 
113143009Inter Algebra2/24/1ClosedBalayeva ORMT4$12.00T R  11:00 AM-12:54 PM WEBWEB
113143031Inter Algebra3/24/0OpenJoshi RRMT4$12.00M T W R  08:00 AM-08:54 AM WEBWEB
113143034Inter Algebra6/24/0OpenJoshi RRMT4$12.00M T W R  09:00 AM-09:54 AM WEBWEB
113143037Inter Algebra5/24/0OpenJoshi RRMT4$12.00M T W R  10:00 AM-10:54 AM WEBWEB
113143038Inter Algebra5/24/0OpenBalayeva ORMT4$12.00T R  02:00 PM-03:54 PM WEBWEB
113143039Inter Algebra2/24/0OpenStetson BRMT4$12.00M W  12:00 PM-01:54 PM WEBWEB
113143040Inter Algebra3/24/0OpenShalan SRMT4$12.00M W  09:00 AM-10:54 AM WEBWEB
113143041Inter Algebra3/24/0OpenStetson BRMT4$12.00T R  12:00 PM-01:54 PM WEBWEB
113143057Inter Algebra14/24/0OpenHu ZRMT4$12.00M W  07:00 PM-08:54 PM WEBWEB
113143070Inter Algebra7/24/0OpenKatula GRMT4$12.00T R  06:00 PM-07:54 PM WEBWEB
113143072Inter Algebra17/24/0OpenKatula GRMT4$12.00M W  08:00 PM-09:54 PM WEBWEB
113143112Inter Algebra1/24/3ClosedStetson BRMT4$12.00M W  03:00 PM-04:54 PM WEBWEB
113143113Inter Algebra5/24/0OpenJadoun NRMT4$12.00T R  04:00 PM-05:54 PM WEBWEB
113143117Inter Algebra7/24/0OpenKatula GRMT4$12.00T R  03:00 PM-04:54 PM WEBWEB
113143120Inter Algebra4/24/0OpenBalayeva ORMT4$12.00T R  08:00 AM-09:54 AM WEBWEB
113143121Inter Algebra1/24/0OpenKrishnan VRMT4$12.00M W  08:00 AM-09:54 AM WEBWEB
113143142Inter Algebra2/24/0OpenChoraszewski LRMT4$12.00M T W R  11:00 AM-11:54 AM WEBWEB
113143169Inter Algebra9/24/0OpenCapps D / Katula GRMT4$12.00M W  06:00 PM-07:54 PM WEBWEB
113246035Inter Algebra1/24/0OpenCarley DRMT4$12.00M W  09:00 AM-10:54 AM WEBWEB
119143042Trigonometry3/24/0OpenHouse HRMT3$12.00T R  08:00 AM-09:20 AM WEBWEB
119143044Trigonometry3/24/0OpenWeyand GRMT3$12.00T R  09:30 AM-10:50 AM WEBWEB
119143045Trigonometry2/24/1ClosedHouse HRMT3$12.00T R  01:00 PM-02:20 PM WEBWEB
119143076Trigonometry7/24/0OpenJadoun NRMT3$12.00T R  06:00 PM-07:20 PM WEBWEB
119143131Trigonometry3/24/0OpenCapps D / Shalan SRMT3$12.00M W  02:00 PM-03:20 PM WEBWEB
122142722Elem Statistic4/31/0OpenStetson BONL4$12.00 
122142767Elem Statistic5/31/0OpenStetson BONL4$12.00 
122142772Elem Statistic5/31/0OpenStetson BONL4$12.00 
122142995Elem Statistic4/31/3ClosedChoraszewski LONL4$12.00 
122143035Elem Statistic2/24/2ClosedJankoviak Anderson KRMT4$12.00M W  08:00 AM-09:54 AM WEBWEB
122143046Elem Statistic9/24/0OpenGerich RRMT4$12.00T R  10:00 AM-11:54 AM WEBWEB
122143068Elem Statistic4/24/0OpenWeyand GRMT4$12.00M W  06:30 PM-08:24 PM WEBWEB
122143114Elem Statistic6/24/0OpenJankoviak Anderson KRMT4$12.00M W  02:30 PM-04:24 PM WEBWEB
122143116Elem Statistic7/24/0OpenGerich RRMT4$12.00T R  01:00 PM-02:54 PM WEBWEB
126142921College Algebra10/31/0OpenChoraszewski LONL4$12.00 
126143047College Algebra2/24/0OpenWeyand GRMT4$12.00T R  12:00 PM-01:54 PM WEBWEB
126143048College Algebra4/24/0OpenIbrahim SRMT4$12.00T R  01:00 PM-02:54 PM WEBWEB
129143101Precalculus3/24/0OpenHouse HRMT5$12.00M T W R  09:45 AM-10:52 AM WEBWEB
145143128Calc Bus & Soc Sci20/24/0OpenJadoun NRMT4$12.00T R  02:00 PM-03:54 PM WEBWEB
150143082Calc Analy Geom 18/24/0OpenShalan SRMT5$12.00M W  06:00 PM-08:26 PM WEBWEB
150143103Calc Analy Geom 14/24/2ClosedLazarski ARMT5$12.00M T R  08:30 AM-09:59 AM WEBWEB
150143104Calc Analy Geom 110/31/0OpenLazarski ARMT5$12.00M T R  10:15 AM-11:44 AM WEBWEB
150143105Calc Analy Geom 14/24/0OpenMingela ARMT5$12.00M T W R  12:15 PM-01:22 PM WEBWEB
150143136Calc Analy Geom 16/24/0OpenRothstein CRMT5$12.00W F  08:00 AM-10:26 AM WEBWEB
150143144Calc Analy Geom 14/24/5ClosedRothstein CRMT5$12.00M W  02:00 PM-04:26 PM WEBWEB
151143032Calc Analy Geom 24/24/0OpenMcCoy MRMT5$12.00M T W R  01:30 PM-02:37 PM WEBWEB
151143083Calc Analy Geom 23/24/0OpenDiDonato JRMT5$12.00M W  06:00 PM-08:26 PM WEBWEB
151143106Calc Analy Geom 23/24/0OpenMcCoy MRMT5$12.00M T W R  11:00 AM-12:07 PM WEBWEB
151143107Calc Analy Geom 29/24/0OpenMcCoy MRMT5$12.00M T W R  12:15 PM-01:22 PM WEBWEB
230143004Linear Algebra13/24/0OpenChoraszewski LRMT4$12.00M T W R  12:00 PM-12:54 PM WEBWEB
230143036Linear Algebra4/24/0OpenChoraszewski LRMT4$12.00M T W R  10:00 AM-10:54 AM WEBWEB
240143084Calc Analy Geom 30/24/1ClosedShields KRMT5$12.00M W  06:00 PM-08:26 PM WEBWEB
240143085Calc Analy Geom 31/24/0OpenShields KRMT5$12.00M W  06:00 PM-08:26 PM WEBWEB
240143109Calc Analy Geom 34/24/0OpenMingela ARMT5$12.00M T W R  11:00 AM-12:07 PM WEBWEB
252143110Diff Equations7/24/0OpenShields KRMT5$12.00M T W R  02:00 PM-03:07 PM WEBWEB

MATHEMATICS; No of Weeks : 12


Begins : Monday, August 31, 2020

122142701Elem Statistic6/31/0OpenShields KONL4$12.00 
126142951College Algebra10/31/0OpenChoraszewski LONL4$12.00 

Begins : Tuesday, September 22, 2020

045143133Basic Mathematics3/24/0OpenStreet SRMT4$12.00M W  03:30 PM-05:56 PM WEBWEB
047142447Prealgebra8/31/0OpenStetson BONL3$12.00 
053142449Beginning Algebra5/31/0OpenMingela AONL4$12.00 
053142453Beginning Algebra6/31/0OpenMingela AONL4$12.00 
053143012Beginning Algebra2/24/0OpenCarley DRMT4$12.00M W  04:00 PM-06:26 PM WEBWEB
101142419Business Math7/31/0OpenShields KONL3$12.00 
102143124Technical Mathematics12/24/0OpenHu ZRMT4$12.00M W  01:30 PM-03:56 PM WEBWEB
111142714Applications Utility Math8/31/0OpenMcCoy MONL4$12.00 
111142776Applications Utility Math9/31/0OpenMcCoy MONL4$12.00 
111142786Applications Utility Math9/31/0OpenMcCoy MONL4$12.00 
111143050Applications Utility Math5/31/0OpenLai HRMT4$12.00M W  06:00 PM-08:26 PM WEBWEB
113142391Inter Algebra2/31/2ClosedLazarski AONL4$12.00 
113142463Inter Algebra7/31/0OpenMingela AONL4$12.00 
113142486Inter Algebra13/31/0OpenLazarski AONL4$12.00 
113142488Inter Algebra8/31/1ClosedLazarski AONL4$12.00 
113143115Inter Algebra3/24/1ClosedHu ZRMT4$12.00M W  11:00 AM-01:26 PM WEBWEB
113143118Inter Algebra4/24/0OpenWeyand GRMT4$12.00T R  02:30 PM-04:56 PM WEBWEB
113143122Inter Algebra7/24/0OpenHu ZRMT4$12.00M W  04:00 PM-06:26 PM WEBWEB
122142782Elem Statistic6/31/0OpenStetson BONL4$12.00 
122142994Elem Statistic6/31/0OpenStetson BONL4$12.00 
122142996Elem Statistic2/31/2ClosedStetson BONL4$12.00 
122143134Elem Statistic3/24/0OpenGerich RRMT4$12.00M W  03:00 PM-05:26 PM WEBWEB
126142911College Algebra11/31/0OpenChoraszewski LONL4$12.00 
126142952College Algebra10/31/0OpenChoraszewski LONL4$12.00 
126142966College Algebra20/31/0OpenShields KONL4$12.00 
129143024Precalculus0/24/6ClosedHouse HRMT5$12.00T R  03:00 PM-05:59 PM WEBWEB
129143049Precalculus2/24/0OpenWiedenfeld JRMT5$12.00M T W R  01:00 PM-02:30 PM WEBWEB
129143153Precalculus5/24/0OpenWiedenfeld JRMT5$12.00T R  04:00 PM-07:05 PM WEBWEB
150143129Calc Analy Geom 121/24/0OpenJadoun NRMT5$12.00T R F  11:30 AM-01:33 PM WEBWEB
240143130Calc Analy Geom 34/24/0OpenShalan SRMT5$12.00T R  01:30 PM-04:29 PM WEBWEB

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