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Catalog 2019-20

General Education Requirements

General Education

General education requirements address the knowledge, intellectual concepts and attitudes associated with being an educated and well-rounded person. These courses are a required part of any associate degree or bachelor’s degree offered at any college or university. Students must take the minimum courses that meet Schoolcraft’s General Education requirements. In addition to those courses that are identified as general education, Schoolcraft College also offers numerous courses in dozens of subject areas, including liberal arts, sciences and specific occupational areas. As a part of a quality initiative, Schoolcraft’s liberal arts courses are used to assess students’ general education preparation.

Schoolcraft College Associate Degree General Education Requirements

Discipline Course Requirements
English Composition: 6 credit hours Select one combination of courses based on program requirements
Humanities: 1 to 4 credit hours Select a minimum of one course
Mathematics: 3 to 5 hours Select a minimum of one course
Natural Sciences: 3 to 5 credit hours Select a minimum of one course
Social Sciences: 3 to 4 credit hours Select a minimum of one course
Total Credits 16 to 24 credit hours

Schoolcraft College Bachelor Degree General Education Requirements

Discipline Course Requirements
English: 3 credit hours English Research:ENG 102MorENG 221M
Humanities: 4 credit hours Select two courses from two different disciplines
Mathematics: 4 to 5 hours Select at least one MTA math course
Natural Sciences: 7 to 9 credit hours Select two science courses, with one course containing a lab, from two different disciplines
Social Sciences: 6 credit hours Select two courses from two different disciplines
Total Credits: Minimum of 30 credit hours required Electives may be chosen from Schoolcraft General Education courses or MTA courses

Liberal Arts Courses Used Towards Meeting Schoolcraft General Education Requirements

English Communication

English (ENG) 101M&102M* or102M&221M* or100&106or100&116or101M&106or101M&107or101M&116orENG 101M&COMA 103M+* orENG 102M&COMA 103M+* orENG 221M&COMA 103M+*


Arabic (ARB) 101M,102M,201M,202M
Art (ART) 113,115M,116M,120M,121M,127M,128M,133M,134M,201M,216,221M,222M,228M,231M,233M,234M,235M,246M,247M
Chinese (CHIN) 101M,102M, 201M,202M
Communications (COMA) 103M+*,200M,201M,210M,230M
French (FR) 101M,102M,201M,202M
German (GER) 101M,102M,201M,202M
History (HIST) 134M+,137M+,138M+,141M+,151M+,152M+,153M+,230M+
Humanities (HUM) 106M,150M,190M,201M,202M,203M,204M,210M,212M,215M
Italian (ITAL) 101M,102M
Literature (ENG) 170M,200M,203M,243M,244M,245M,246M,248M,251M,252M,275M,280M
Music (MUSIC) 104M,105M,107L,149M,153M,154M,155M,164M,165M,250M,252M
Philosophy (PHIL) 243M,247M,257M,265M,277M
Spanish (SPAN) 101M,102M,201M,202M
Theater (THEA) 101M,210M,211M,231M,232M,241M


(MATH) 101,102,105,106,111M,113,119M,122M,126M,129M,135M,145M,150M,151M,230M,240M,252M


Biology (BIOL) 100ML,101ML,103M,104M,105M,114M,115M,120ML,130ML,140ML,236ML,237ML,238ML,240,243ML
Chemistry (CHEM) 100L,104ML,111ML,117ML,120ML,213ML,214ML
Geography (GEOG) 105L+,135ML+,203M+,212M+,217M+,225M+
Geology (GEOL) 133ML,134ML,237ML
Nutrition & Food Science (NFS) 320,360,440L
Physics (PHYS) 104ML,123ML,181ML,182ML,211ML,212ML

Social Sciences

Anthropology (ANTH) 112M,117M,120M,201M,211M,214M
Economics (ECON) 103M,201M,202M
Geography (GEOG) 133M+
History (HIST) 134M+,137M+,138M+,141M+,151M+,152M+,153M+,230M+
Political Science (POLS) 105M,109M,205M,207M,209M
Psychology (PSYCH) 153M,201M,205M,206M,207M,209M,219M,229M,239M,249M
Sociology (SOC) 201M,205M,209M,210M,220M,290M

All courses on this list qualify to be used toward meeting Schoolcraft College General Education requirements and are a part of a liberal arts distribution of learning.


Plain text = Liberal Arts courses used to satisfy Schoolcraft College General Education (SCGE) requirements.

M = Liberal Arts courses used to satisfy SCGE requirements and the Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA) requirements. 

* = Only these courses or combination of courses may be used to satisfy the final requirement for MTA English Communications.

L = Lab Science

+ = Students may not use the same History course to satisfy both the humanities and social sciences or COMA 103M+* to satisfy both humanities and English communications.  Only certain Geography courses can be used for a natural science or social science course.

Italicized text = Applied Liberal Arts courses that do not qualify to meet SCGE requirements or MTA requirements (Courses may or may not transfer to another institution.)

BOLD = Occupational Courses have a direct career relationship, and focus on developing necessary knowledge and skills to enter the work force within the chosen field of study. (Courses may or may not transfer to another institution. No SC occupational courses may be used toward SC General Education or to meet the requirements for MTA.)

Liberal Arts courses will typically transfer to another institution. They provide general knowledge and theory in the arts, language and communication, 
humanities, natural sciences, math and social sciences.

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