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Schoolcraft’s business program prepares students for a variety of positions in the corporate world or to run their own business, and lays the foundation to transfer to a four-year college of university to earn a bachelor’s degree.

There are four associate in applied science degrees (AAS) and three certificate options available in business:

  • Business General degree: 
    This general degree program provides a good basis to qualify students for several entrylevel jobs.
  • Marketing and Applied Management degree: 
    Marketing and sales is the lifeblood of any business, and this program gives students a well-rounded business background to prepare them to manage and market a company’s products or services.
  • Small Business for Entrepreneurs degree: 
    The program is designed for those who own and/or operate a small business or plan to start their own company. The curriculum combines general business, liberal arts and elective course options to give the student a diversified background that is vital in today’s small-business environment.
  • Business Information Technology degree: 
    Information technology professionals are in high demand in today’s business world, and this degree program provides students with a sound business education combined with computer science courses to meet the challenges of managing an organization’s information technology needs.
  • Business-Basic Certificate: 
    This certificate program provides students with a well-rounded introduction to the business world, including courses in accounting, economics and the basics of business. It prepares them for the pursuit of an associate degree or for various job opportunities.
  • Small Business for Entrepreneurs Certificate:
    Completion of this certificate program will prepare students for the unique challenges entrepreneurs and small business owners routinely deal with in today’s highly competitive business world.
  • Business Information Technology Certificate:
    Many of today’s employers are requesting students with a solid background in business and computer systems, and completion of this certificate program gives students a knowledge base in both areas to help them in their pursuit of a career as an information technology professional.

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