June 6, 2024

Detroit high school students make visit to campus as part of S.T.E.P. program

group of students and staff stand for photo

Now in its third year, the program invited students to campus to share their capstone portfolio projects in front of Schoolcraft College leadership. 

Ever since launching the Schoolcraft Teacher Education Program three years ago in partnership with Schoolcraft College and Detroit Western International High School, the program has brought high school students to campus for a taste of higher education. 

That was the case again May 30, when several students made the trek from their school in southwest Detroit to Schoolcraft College. This is the third year of the Teach and S.T.E.P. program – a program done in collaboration initiative between Schoolcraft College and the CTE TEACH Pathway at Western International High School.  

Through the program, students can take college courses while still in high school, as well as providing them with hands-on experience in classrooms by working with elementary students. The high school students visited campus recently to tour the college and present their capstone portfolio projects among their fellow students and Schoolcraft leadership. One of those students, Iyania Matteini, said her experience has made her want to attend Schoolcraft College after her senior year next year. Her goal is to attend Eastern Michigan University for her bachelor’s degree and eventually become a teacher. 

Participating in the S.T.E.P. program has been transformational for her. 

“I don’t think I would have gotten these experiences elsewhere,” she said.  

The program is run by College and Beyond instructor Professor Janice Tomlinson and Ryan Masters, a teacher at both Schoolcraft College and Western International High School. Masters’s students have been involved with such organizations as Soar Detroit, a literacy program for children in the city. Students have forged a bond with Schoolcraft College, which also included taking a college class and touring the campus.   

This is a long-standing partnership between Enrollment Services, Chief Student Enrollment Officer Melissa Schultz, Masters and Tomlinson. Now in its third year, the program has seen an increase in student participation. 

Masters said they have begun to expand their reach, including participating in several competitions. He also plans to offer opportunities to teach the students about piloting drones. They have also added a partnership with New City Kids, an after-school organization for children in the city.   

“We have all kinds of great opportunities for them,” Masters said.  

In between the presentations, the students were able to ask questions of Dr. Glenn Cerny, president of Schoolcraft College. He lauded the program and encouraged the students to consider looking at Schoolcraft as their destination after high school. 

“You can test things. You can see what you like, what you don’t like, what you’re interested in, what your passions are,” he said. “That’s what Schoolcraft gives you. 

“It’s always important to know you’re welcome here.” 

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