March 21, 2022

STEAMz Virtual Summit This Friday


Staff, faculty help students succeed

STEAMzSchoolcraft: Bridging the Arts, Humanities, and Sciences will be held virtually this Friday, March 25, at 1:00 p.m. Previous years facilitated 26 student presentations with over 200 attendees. 

This year’s virtual summit theme is: Transforming Lives Through Storytelling. Specifically, how can we transform the world we live in through data-driven storytelling? Students will be encouraged and mentored by Schoolcraft College faculty and staff to explore this question. 

Behind the scenes, Schoolcraft College staff, faculty and leadership worked together to make this event possible. The STEAMz Committee and student mentors team comes from various departments across campus:

  • Sharon Christian, Director of Learning Support Services, STEAMz Committee Chair
  • Elizabeth Kenney, Learning Center Coordinator
  • Olga Martinez, PTAC Program Manager
  • Emily Podwoiski, Scholars Honors Coordinator
  • Jennie Rokakis, Learning Support Services Assistant
  • Annika Sholander, Academic Success Coach for International Learning
  • Deborah Taracuk, Communication Arts Faculty
  • Katie Webber, Administrative Assistant III
  • Dr. Carmen Wilson, Academic Success Coach for Reading
  • Christopher Wood, Physics Faculty and Department Chair
young professional smiling
Students will vie for awards in a number of categories.

Selected students received a scholarship provided by a generous grant through the Schoolcraft College Foundation and will be mentored by faculty and staff to strengthen their presentation, research, and story. To align with this year’s theme, students are encouraged to combine a meaningful story with research findings to drive curiosity and inspiration with their audience.

The event will open with a welcome from Dr. Michele Kelly, Dean of Liberal Arts and Sciences, and share a special video message from Dr. Glenn Cerny, President of Schoolcraft College. In addition, several faculty and staff played a key role in this year’s event. Scott Davis, Curriculum Technologist; April Harden, English Faculty; and Christina Stansell-Weaver, Communication Arts Faculty; will serve as presentation judges. Judges review all presentations and evaluate them on a series of criteria, which they later use to award students on their presentation or lightning talk. Categories students can win awards are:

  • Best Presentation
  • Best Lightning Talk
  • Out of the Box
  • Top Investigator

An additional award will be presented to the student who captivates the audience – the People’s Choice. Attendees can vote for their favorite presentation to award the presenter or lightning talk. Students who are awarded will receive an e-certificate to add to their professional portfolio.

STEAMzSchoolcraft Virtual Summit will take place this Friday, March 25, at 1: p.m. via Blackboard Collaborate. The event is free to attend – registration is not required. Visit the website and click on the “Attend STEAMzSchoolcraft” button to attend this year’s event during the designated date and time.

If you have questions, please contact Sharon Christian, Director of Learning Support Services and STEAMzSchoolcraft Committee Chair, at [email protected]

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