February 14, 2022

My Story, My Voice: Arnold Wicker Sr., Emeritus Professor

Black History Month

Arnold Wicker Sr., Emeritus Professor

Arnold Wicker Sr. taught several courses related to Criminal Justice for more than a decade at Schoolcraft College. This followed a distinguished 30-year career with the Detroit Police Department as Arnold retired at the rank of Commander.

To help celebrate Black History Month, we’re pleased to share “My Story, My Voice,” a series of essays written by Schoolcraft College students, faculty, staff and alumni. Please go to schoolcraft.edu/BHM to read the complete collection.

Arnold Wicker Sr.

By Arnold Wicker Sr., Emeritus Professor

Everyone has a story, which is something I have begun to embrace. Until I was given this homework assignment, I had not given any real thought as to what my story entailed. How do you condense 3 score and almost 12 years into less than a page? Everyone has a story: my students, those I encounter as I facilitate trainings, even strangers. I am grateful to reflect upon and give you this tiny part of my story.

One advantage of getting old and retiring three times allows reflection. I look back on how I became an Emeritus Professor after enjoying over 15 years in the classroom/online at Schoolcraft College and beyond. Managing an executive career in law enforcement before retiring after 30 years. Which leads me to my third and current act: Facilitating training that focuses on understanding and recognizing signs and symptoms of those who live with mental illness or are experiencing a mental health crisis. This training is for the community as a whole and specifically for first responders. The trainings are Mental Health First Aid and Crisis Intervention Teams. I get to share that we all go through something; however, “It is OK not to be OK” is an important message for everyone to receive.

I don’t have much of a story without a 91-year-old mother that while she never said you can do it, more importantly, she never said you can’t do it!

In closing, Linda Ellis asks, “Would you be proud of the things they say about how you spent your dash?” Honestly, I don’t know. But I think I will leave that part of my story to be told by someone else.

For now I will use the adage, I am not ending my journey, I am continuing it!

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