August 9, 2021

What to Expect This Fall

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Here’s a little quiz that answers your questions

The Fall 2021 semester is just around the corner (classes start Monday, Aug. 30), so how about a little summer quiz to get you in the mood for classes?

Don’t worry – this one is open book! We’ve got all the answers you need below. And if you see something that wasn’t covered, please call Student Relations at 734-462-4486 or email [email protected].

Q: Will there be in-person classes for the Fall 2021 semester?

A: Yes. Depending on the course, Remote, Hybrid, and Online options will be offered as well.

Q: Do I have to be vaccinated to attend Schoolcraft College?

A: No. If you do want to get vaccinated, you can do so in the VisTaTech Center right here on campus. Hours are 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays. No appointment is needed.*

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In-person classes will be offered for the Fall 2021 semester.

Q: Will I have to wear a face covering?

A: If you are fully vaccinated, which is defined as two weeks after your last dose, you do NOT have to wear a face covering (nose and mouth) while in the hallways or open areas in buildings.

HOWEVER, while in class and in College-designated areas such as private offices and confined spaces, all students, faculty and staff need to wear a face covering until further notice.

If you are NOT vaccinated, you need to wear a face covering at all times.

Q: Do I need to complete the health screening?

A: No. The health screening is no longer required.

Q: What are the on-campus dining options?

A: In the VisTaTech Center, you can visit Henry’s, American Harvest and Main Street Café. The Elite Market is at the new St. Joe’s Mercy Elite Sports Center. Henry’s and the Elite Market, each of which feature grab-and-go meals, snacks and beverages, always will have a self-checkout option where credit cards, debit cards and Apple Pay are accepted. The JC Café in the Jeffress Center is expected to open later this fall.

Q: Can I join the Fitness Center?

A: Yes. The Fitness Center is FREE to all credit students. Stop by the Fitness Center for more information. Membership in the Fitness Center also allows access to the walking track in the St. Joe’s Mercy Elite Sports Center. 

Q: What’s up with the website?

A: You’ve noticed! Yes, we did a little facelift with 

Here’s a quick cheat sheet to find those links of you haven’t bookmarked them from before. 

In the top navigation bar:

  • Utilize the A-Z Index for a site map list of links
  • Utilize the “Info For” dropdown menu for filtered lists of links
  • Utilize the “Semester Guide” for information such as course schedules and important dates.

If you receive a “404 Page Not Found” error:

  • Try using the provided search bar to search “legacy content”

Other tips:

*Days and hours subject to change. Go to for the latest information.

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