Academic Success Resources

Academic Advising

The Academic Advising services are designed to assist students focused plans that help them reach their academic goals while taking into account their career and personal plans.  Students can meet with an Academic Advisor or Counselor to help them map out a plan to earn their associate degree or to make sure they are on track to transfer to a college or university to earn a bachelor’s degree.  To learn more or schedule an appointment, call 734-462-4429.

Counseling Services

Schoolcraft provides counselors that can help students deal with the stress of school, work and personal commitments and using time-management skills.  In addition, workshops, seminars and support groups can provide students with additional resources for coping with a variety of personal circumstances.  You can schedule an appointment to meet with a counselor by calling 734-462-4429 

Disability Support Services

The Disabilities Support Services office ensures students have equal access to programs and activities by facilitating accommodations and by providing encouragement and support for individuals with disabilities. For more information on the services available, contact the office at 734- 462-4421.

Transfer Options

Students can work with an Academic Advisor or Counselor to ensure they are on track to transfer to another college or university, including:

  • Reviewing transfer requirements
  • Ensure required courses have been met for the college or university the student wants to transfer to
  • Receive guidance on specific admission application requirements for the transfer school
  • To schedule an appointment, call 734-462-4429.

Veterans Resource Center

Schoolcraft College’s Veterans Resource Center provides assistance to veterans and military members as prospective or current students, including assistance with:

  • The VA educational benefits application process
  • Academic advising and course selection
  • Planning a program of study in accordance with Schoolcraft and VA policies and guidelines
  • Submission of enrollment certification paperwork
  • For more information, call 734-462-4351.