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Our History and Mission

Logo_transparent bgSchoolcraft is a comprehensive, open door, community-based college. The mission of the college is to provide a transformational learning experience designed to increase the capacity of individuals and groups to achieve intellectual, social, and economic goals. Schoolcraft Scholars, an honors program, is designed to provide talented, academically-motivated students with an enhanced educational experience.

In an environment that promotes scholarship and community, Scholars enjoy frequent interaction with peers and honors faculty. They are challenged to grow intellectually, increase their awareness of the society around them, question the status quo, think critically, work collaboratively, and become involved in the community through service-learning projects.

Why become a Schoolcraft Scholar?

  • For an enriching, enhanced educational experience
  • To receive tuition scholarships
  • Potential direct transfer into University Honors Programs
  • Potential transfer scholarships
  • Serve the community
  • Enhance your resume/portfolio
  • Build career contacts
  • Work with Honors Faculty and mentors 
  • Enroll in Honors specific courses examining values and social issues
  • Honors credentials
  • Honors level projects in select courses
  • Valuable networking resources
  • Represent Honors at graduation with designation, recognition, and regalia
  • Celebrate with a banquet committed to Scholars Honors students
  • Attend leadership conferences, guest speaker events, and field trips
  • Combine Honors with most majors
  • Detailed advising with counselors 


  • Be accepted as a student at Schoolcraft College
  • Have a minimum high school or college grade-point average of 3.5
  • Submit the online application, including essay questions and letters of recommendation (details below)

High school students, including dual and special enrolled students, are not eligible to participate in the Scholars Honors Program. Please refer to the college catalog for information on High School Enrollment Options.

How do I apply?

Click here to complete the online application. 

  • You will need to complete the general application first: click on the yellow “Sign In” button, sign in using your Schoolcraft College username and SCmail password.
  • Once you have completed the General Application, under “Our Opportunities,” click on the "Schoolcraft Scholars Honors Program" and complete all the required fields.
  • Upload two letters of recommendation: from professors, employers, or others who have known you professionally, academically, or as a volunteer.

After your application packet has been reviewed, we will request your transcript from our Records Office to verify your GPA. If all is in order, we will schedule an interview with you. You will be notified about your acceptance status after your interview.

More questions? Read the Honors Program FAQs