Tutoring Options

Our Writing Fellows Can Help

  • Assist students with basic grammar, punctuation & sentence structure.
  • Assist in peer reviewing, speeches, lab reports, and journal entries.
  • Providing clarification/interpretation of written information to ESL & COLLS students. This can include reading comprehension and homework explanation.

Face-to-Face Tutoring

Our fellows will work with each visitor for approximately 15-30 minutes at a time. This is to ensure that all students needing help are not kept waiting too long. The student may input the suggestions for revision elsewhere and then return to Writing Fellows as often as they want.

Classroom peer reviewing is available. Faculty should contact Brianne Radke for details.

To the students visiting a Writing Fellow

  • Bring all work in process.
  • Provide instructor’s directions and rubric.
  • Visit the Writing Fellows well in advance of your deadline.

Online Tutoring

As a convenience to our students, we are able to assist you online. Writing Fellows are skilled and trained students at Schoolcraft College. Once you have submitted your assignment, a Fellow will review it and then respond electronically with suggestions for revision.

How to send your essay to a Writing Fellow

  1. Subject Line: Writing Fellows Help
  2. In the body of your email include: your full name, student number, professor’s name, and course number.
  3. Give details on what type of assistance you need (e.g. “Do I have enough supporting details?”).
  4. Provide a brief summary or rubric of the assignment.
  5. Send your essay as an attached Word document.
  6. Email to fellows@schoolcraft.edu
  7. Please allow a three-day turn around for all online papers. Plan ahead!