Writing Fellows

Welcome to Writing Fellows, a service provided by the Schoolcraft College Learning Assistance Center. Writing Fellows can…

  • Peer-review student writing in all disciplines
  • Help students with organization, structure, and style
  • Assist students with grammar and mechanics
  • Provide an opportunity for revision and refinement of structure and content
  • Offer a fresh, objective set of eyes to check for precision and concision

Online assistance is also available, and a three-day turnaround is requested.

Writing Fellows Mission

The mission of our writing center is to support student writing success in postsecondary education and beyond. In peer-review feedback, Writing Fellows prioritize student-writers' needs, habits of mind, and command of rhetoric, and our services extend to assisting with grammar and genre conventions.

Writing Fellows Core Purpose

The Writing Fellows core purpose is to provide quality support to Schoolcraft students who want to improve their writing skills.