Fitness Center

Membership Events and Challenges

The Fitness Center offers its members a variety of events and challenges throughout the year.

Current & Upcoming Events

Fall Events in the Schoolcraft College Fitness Center

Fall Events in FC 2018

Free Fitness Assessments

Join the Fitness Center staff as we offer FREE fitness assessments to our members. Participate in a body fat analysis, flexibility, and strength test. Takes just a few minutes!

Wednesday September 5th: 6am-12pm
Thursday September 6th: 12pm-8pm

Wednesday November 12th: 6am-11am
Thursday November 13th: 4pm-8pm
Friday November 14th: 11am-3pm

On-Going Challenges

Strength and Conditioning Records

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Ready to set a strength or conditioning record? Compete against others and yourself. Go down in history at the Schoolcraft College Fitness Center!

See a Fitness Professional today to make your attempt to break a record.

Events include:

  • Bench Press-1 RM
  • Dead Lift-1 RM
  • Squat-1 RM
  • Mile Run
  • 4 Minute Row

Climb Mt Everest Challenge

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Everyone who climbs a total of 29,035 feet on the Jacobs Ladder will receive a cool free t-shirt from Jacobs Ladder, promoting Schoolcraft College.

Plus, Jacobs Ladder will congratulate you on their Facebook and Twitter pages.

Previous Events

Field Day April 19

With the stress of finals, what better way to DE-STRESS than participate in the Field Day we all know and love from our past! To see pictures from our successful first Field Day, visit our Facebook!

Bracket Buster Challenge March 2018

Thank you to all of you who participated in our annual bracket buster challenge. It was fun tournament, and look forward to the challenge again in 2019!

Thanksgiving Turkey Trot November 6th-22nd

Before the holiday, we challenged our members to complete the Turkey Trot around the Fitness Center. Members completed tracking cards to to receive a prize. Exercises include, strength training, cardio, flexibility, and participating in our Fitness Assessments.

Fall Frenzy 2017 October 4th-November 2nd

We had another great round in the Fall Frenzy tournament, making it all the way to the semi-finals. We missed the championship final by less than 2 miles! Visit our Facebook for tournament pictures and results.

Fall Flash Challenges September 6th-26th
Fitness Center challenged its members with the Fall Flash Challenges that include a Bar Hang Test on September 6th, Bench Press Test on September 15th, Plank Challenge on September 21st, and the final Wall Sit Challenge on September 26th. Prizes were given to the winners in these 3 age groups: 17-35, 36-59, 60+.

Expresso Fall Frenzy Bike Challenge

Every October!