CEPD Online Classes

Winter 2015
 Course TitleCourse Number


 Accounting Fundamentals 1 - Online CourseCES2-1537
 Accounting Fundamentals 2 - Online CourseCES2-1540
 QuickBooks: Introduction - Online CourseCES-6725


 Administrative Assistant Applications - Online CourseCES2-1497
 Administrative Assistant Fundamentals - Online CourseCES2-1441
 Become a Veterinary Assistant - Online CourseCES-8426
 Become A Veterinary Assistant 2: Canine Reproduction - Online CourseCES-8490
 Become A Veterinary Assistant 3: Practical Skills - Online CourseCES-8493
 Fundamentals of Supervision & Management - Online CourseCES2-1617
 Individual Excellence - Online CourseCES2-1614
 Resume Writing - Online CourseCES2-1512


 Beginner's Guide to Getting Published - Online CourseCES-7387
 Beginning Writers Workshop - Online CourseCES-7394
 Fundamentals of Technical Writing - Online CourseCES-7221
 Pleasures of Poetry - Online CourseCES-7219
 Research Methods for Writers - Online CourseCES-7286
 Romance Writing - Online CourseCES-7403
 The Keys to Effective Editing - Online CourseCES-7217
 Write Fiction Like A Pro - Online CourseCES-7385
 Write Your Life Story - Online CourseCES-7377
 Writeriffic! - Online CourseCES-7194
 Writing for Children - Online CourseCES-7304


 Advanced Web Pages - Online CourseCES2-6209
 Blogging & Podcasting for Beginners - Online CourseCES2-6205
 Computer Skills for the Workplace - Online CourseCES2-6250
 Creating Mobile Apps with HTML5 - Online CourseCES2-6229
 Creating Web Pages - Online CourseCES-6720
 Designing Effective Web Sites - Online CourseCES2-6152
 Intermediate Java Programming - Online CourseCES2-6230
 Introduction to CSS3 and HTML5 - Online CourseCES2-6238
 Introduction to Java Programming - Online CourseCES-6762
 Introduction to PC Troubleshooting - Online CourseCES-6724
 Introduction to Programming - Online CourseCES2-6198
 Introduction to SQL - Online CourseCES2-6240
 Keyboarding - Online CourseCES2-6252
 Microsoft Project - Online CourseCES2-6199
 Microsoft Publisher - Online CourseCES-6947


 Introduction to Interior Design - Online CourseCES-3679


 Speed Spanish - Online CourseCES-3459
 Speed Spanish 2 - Online CourseCES-3532
 Speed Spanish 3 - Online CourseCES-3571


 A to Z Grant Writing: Relationship Focused - Online CourseCES2-1230
 Becoming a Grant Writing Consultant - Online CourseCES2-1472
 Introduction to Nonprofit Management - Online CourseCES2-1460
 Marketing Your Nonprofit - Online CourseCES2-1594
 Nonprofit Fundraising Essentials - Online CourseCES2-1599
 Writing Effective Grant Proposals: Content Focused - Online CourseCES2-1452


 Medical Terminology: A Word Association Approach - Online CourseCES-4237


 Genealogy Basics - Online CourseCES-0823


 Photographing Nature with Your Digital Camera - Online CourseCES-3663
 Secrets of Better Photography - Online CourseCES-3530
 Travel Photography - Online CourseCES-3656


 Merrill Ream Speed Reading - Online CourseCES-7231


 Real Estate Investing - Online CourseCES2-1619


 Business & Marketing Writing - Online CourseCES2-1520
 Effective Business Writing - Online CourseCES2-1552
 How to Make Money From Your Writing - Online CourseCES-7378
 Start a Pet Sitting Business - Online CourseCES2-1583
 Start Your Own Consulting Practice - Online CourseCES2-1370
 The Craft of Magazine Writing - Online CourseCES-7193
 Travel Writing - Online CourseCES-7201


 A to Z Grant Writing: Relationship Focused - Online CourseCES2-1230
 An Introduction to Teaching ESL/EFL - Online CourseCES-0952
 Common Core Standards for English Language Arts K-5 - Online CourseCES-7404
 Creating Classroom Centers - Online CourseCES-0988
 Creating the Inclusive Classroom - Online CourseCES-0930
 Differentiated Instruction in the Classroom - Online CourseCES-0920
 Differentiating K-12 Assessments - Online CourseCES-0977
 Empowering Students with Disabilities - Online CourseCES-0956
 Enhancing Childhood Language Development - Online CourseCES-0898
 Guided Reading & Writing: Strategies for Maximum Student Achievement - Online CourseCES-7374
 Guided Reading: Strategies for the Differentiated Classroom - Online CourseCES-7329
 Handling Medical Emergencies - Online CourseCES-4297
 Integrating Technology in the Classroom - Online CourseCES2-6153
 Interpersonal Communication - Online CourseCES-7366
 Leadership - Online CourseCES-0973
 Merrill Ream Speed Reading - Online CourseCES-7231
 Microsoft Excel in the Classroom - Online CourseCES2-6214
 Microsoft Word in the Classroom - Online CourseCES2-6211
 Practical Ideas for the Adult ESL/EFL Classroom - Online CourseCES2-0001
 Ready, Set, Read - Online CourseCES-7316
 Response to Intervention: Reading Strategies That Work - Online CourseCES-7337
 Singapore Math Strategies: Advanced Model Drawing for Grades 6-9 - Online CourseCES-8492
 Singapore Math: Model Drawing for Grades 1-6 - Online CourseCES-8484
 Singapore Math: Number Sense & Computational Strategies - Online CourseCES-8483
 Solving Classroom Discipline Problems - Online CourseCES-0913
 Solving Classroom Discipline Problems 2 - Online CourseCES-0929
 Spanish in the Classroom - Online CourseCES-3627
 Speed Spanish - Online CourseCES-3459
 Survival Kit for Teachers - Online CourseCES-0963
 Teaching ESL/EFL Reading - Online CourseCES-7400
 Teaching ESL/EFL Vocabulary - Online CourseCES-7401
 Teaching High School Students - Online CourseCES2-0013
 Teaching Math: Grades 4-6 - Online CourseCES-0962
 Teaching Preschool: A Year of Inspiring Lessons - Online CourseCES-0974
 Teaching Science: Grades 4-6 - Online CourseCES-8491
 Teaching Smarter with SMART Boards - Online CourseCES2-6183
 Teaching Students With ADHD - Online CourseCES-0978
 Teaching Students with Autism - Online CourseCES-0932
 Teaching Students with Learning Disabilities - Online CourseCES-0928
 Teaching Writing: Grades 4-6 - Online CourseCES-7338
 Teaching Writing: Grades K-3 - Online CourseCES-7398
 The Creative Classroom - Online CourseCES-0908
 The Differentiated Instruction & Response to Intervention Connection - Online CourseCES-0964
 Understanding Adolescents - Online CourseCES-0925
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