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Project Management FAQ

  • Will the PMP® certification help me get a job?

  • For what level of project manager is this class intended?

  • What is the difference between PMIs PMP® and CAPM® certifications?

  • What education or work experience is required to sit for the PMP® or CAPM® exam?

  • What is the PMP® Certification Examination?

  • What are the PMP® Certification Examination Costs?

  • What is the CAPM® Certification Examination?

  • Who should apply?

  • What is the cost of the CAPM® exam?

  • Does Schoolcraft College administer the Certified CAPM® or PMP® Exams?

  • How many hours of study time are necessary to pass the exam?

  • How many questions are asked in the PMP® exam?

  • How many questions are asked in the CAPM® exam?

  • What if candidates do not pass the exam?

  • What is the cost to retake the exam?

  • How long does it take to complete this class?

  • What textbook will we use?

  • What happens during a typical class?

  • Will I receive college credit?

  • Will there be any job search assistance with this program?

  • Does this course qualify with PMI for PDUs?

  • Can I claim the cost of my continuing education class as a deduction on my income taxes?

  • How do I sign up for this program?

  • Who can I contact to find out more about this class?

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