Loan and Aid Requests

Fall/Winter 2018 Loan RequestPDF250.99 KB Download
Fall 2018 Loan Request PDF430.59 KB Download
Summer 2018 Loan Request PDF430.42 KB Download
Summer 2018 Aid RequestPDF129.98 KB Download
Spring 2018 Loan RequestPDF569.92 KB Download
Spring 2018 Aid RequestPDF38.04 KB Download

IRS Tax Transcript Information

This form is for students and/or parents to submit directly to the IRS. Any 4506-T forms sent to Schoolcraft College will be shredded.

2018-19 Forms

We will only accept scanned documents attached via email. We are unable to accept pictures taken of the documents.

Please note: The High School Completion/Statement of Educational Purpose is not available online. It must be completed in our office with a valid government issued photo ID (i.e. driver’s license, state ID, passport, etc...).

2018-19 Advanced Degree StatementPDF106.73 KB Download
2018-19 Asset WorksheetPDF107.76 KB Download
2018-19 College Work Study RequestPDF120.44 KB Download
2018-19 Debt ManagementPDF110.20 KB Download
2018-19 Degree Completion AppealPDF101.72 KB Download
2018-19 Dependent Change in CircumstancePDF104.10 KB Download
2018-19 Dependency Override RequestPDF139.45 KB Download
2018-19 Dependent Parent Information FormPDF91.56 KB Download
2018-19 Dependent Parent Marital StatusPDF109.23 KB Download
2018-19 Dependent Verification WorksheetPDF120.37 KB Download
2018-19 FAFSA CertificationsPDF88.17 KB Download
2018-19 Head of Household VerificationPDF112.87 KB Download
2018-19 Independent Change in CircumstancePDF103.81 KB Download
2018-19 Independent Marital Status & Income FormPDF114.61 KB Download
2018-19 Identity Theft StatementPDF97.32 KB Download
2018-19 Independent Verification WorksheetPDF96.09 KB Download
2018-19 Monthly Budget WorksheetPDF92.56 KB Download
2018-19 Non Filing StatementPDF343.95 KB Download
2018-19 Non Filing Verification Instructions and FormPDF156.36 KB Download
2018-19 Revised Academic PlanPDF89.06 KB Download
2018-19 Satisfactory Academic Progress AppealPDF123.75 KB Download
2018-19 Tax Return Transcript Instructions and Short FormPDF149.51 KB Download
2018-19 Tuition Incentive Program Request Form PDF353.16 KB Download
2018-19 Unusual Enrollment History AppealPDF97.18 KB Download
2018-19 Wage & Income Transcript Instructions and FormPDF155.58 KB Download

2017-18 Forms

2017-18 Advanced Degree StatementPDF456.95 KB Download
2017-18 Asset WorksheetPDF360.58 KB Download
2017-18 College Work Study RequestPDF475.81 KB Download
2017-18 Debt ManagementPDF300.82 KB Download
2017-18 Degree Completion AppealPDF371.48 KB Download
2017-18 Dependency Override RequestPDF492.46 KB Download
2017-18 Dependent Change in CircumstancePDF577.02 KB Download
2017-18 Dependent Child Support PaidPDF367.69 KB Download
2017-18 Dependent Low Income WorksheetPDF583.68 KB Download
2017-18 Dependent Parent Information FormPDF493.92 KB Download
2017-18 Depdendent Parent Marital StatusPDF469.03 KB Download
2017-18 Dependent Parent Marital StatusPDF271.05 KB Download
2017-18 Dependent SNAP BenefitPDF580.71 KB Download
2017-18 Dependent Verification Worksheet PDF522.60 KB Download
2017-18 FAFSA CertificationsPDF360.25 KB Download
2017-18 Identity Theft StatementPDF465.54 KB Download
2017-18 Independent Change in CircumstancePDF576.08 KB Download
2017-18 Independent Child Support PaidPDF365.45 KB Download
2017-18 Independent Low Income WorksheetPDF497.69 KB Download
2017-18 Independent Marital Status & Income FormPDF471.41 KB Download
2017-18 Independent SNAP BenefitPDF400.29 KB Download
2017-18 Independent Verification Worksheet PDF520.12 KB Download
2017-18 Monthly Budget WorksheetPDF367.68 KB Download
2017-18 Nonfiling StatementPDF450.87 KB Download
2017-18 Revised Academic PlanPDF444.34 KB Download
2017-18 Satisfactory Academic Progress AppealPDF618.99 KB Download
2017-18 Tuition Incentive Program Request FormPDF466.89 KB Download
2017-18 Untaxed Income VerificationPDF589.58 KB Download
2017-18 Unusual Enrollment History AppealPDF481.06 KB Download
*Our primary source of communication is via your SCmail account. Be sure to monitor your SCmail and your WebAdvisor account regularly for any updates regarding your financial aid status.