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NEW! Important Information:

Spring and Summer have recently been combined into one Spring/Summer 2018 semester which now uses the 2017/18 FAFSA.

Spring and Spring/Summer refunds start going out 6/15/18 by direct deposit or 6/19/18 by mail. Students taking both Spring and Summer classes who receive a financial aid refund will need to use your refund to purchase books for your Summer courses. As your aid awarded for the Spring and Summer will be refunded to you, your account will no longer show additional aid to use at the bookstore. If you still need books for your Summer classes, you will need to use your refund that is sent to you to make those purchases.

Please note: Students that are enrolled in Summer courses only can use their additional financial aid at the bookstore from 6/18/18 - 7/23/18. If you have a Direct Student Loan, go to Financial Aid Loans and click on Loan Dates to see the loan refund dates.