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Course Schedule

Biology Winter 2018
Status and Seats Available as of 11/22/2017 6:06:18 AM
CourseSectionCourse TitleSeats Available ⁄ Capacity ⁄ WaitlistStatusInstructorsModeCredit HoursFeeDays-Time-Room

BIOLOGY; No of Weeks : 15


Begins : Monday, January 8, 2018

050112378Basic Biology22/31/0OpenGray SOnline4$12.00 
050115301Basic Biology22/30/0OpenNunez J 4$12.00T R  10:00 AM-11:54 AM F130
050115304Basic Biology22/30/0OpenSemrau K 4$12.00M W  04:00 PM-05:54 PM F130
050115350Basic Biology30/30/0OpenElson A 4$12.00T R  06:00 PM-07:54 PM F130
050216008Basic Biology27/30/0OpenOConnell Devlin J 4$12.00T R  09:00 AM-10:54 AM RC460
100112700Intro To Biology17/31/0OpenButkevich NOnline4$336.00 
101115307General Biology14/24/0OpenBorst D 4$396.00M W  08:00 AM-09:54 AM F150
T  08:00 AM-10:54 AM F270
101115308General Biology0/24/0ClosedLynd J 4$396.00M W  08:00 AM-09:54 AM F110
R  08:00 AM-10:54 AM F270
101115309General Biology15/24/0OpenCavanaugh P 4$396.00T R  08:00 AM-09:54 AM F150
W  08:00 AM-10:54 AM F270
101115310General Biology0/24/1ClosedFruth K 4$396.00T R  10:00 AM-11:54 AM F150
W  09:00 AM-11:54 AM F170
101115311General Biology1/24/0OpenCrowley-Harpenau P 4$396.00M W  10:00 AM-11:54 AM F110
R  09:00 AM-11:54 AM F170
101115312General Biology18/24/0OpenDasanayaka M 4$396.00M  09:00 AM-11:54 AM F170
T R  10:00 AM-11:54 AM F110
101115313General Biology19/24/0OpenSalminen M 4$396.00M  11:00 AM-01:54 PM F270
T R  12:00 PM-01:54 PM F130
101115314General Biology0/24/3ClosedLynd J 4$396.00M W  12:00 PM-01:54 PM F130
R  11:00 AM-01:54 PM F270
101115315General Biology0/24/2ClosedCrowley-Harpenau P 4$396.00M W  12:00 PM-01:54 PM F110
T  12:00 PM-02:54 PM F170
101115316General Biology16/24/0OpenIsmail N 4 T R  12:00 PM-01:54 PM F110
W  12:00 PM-02:54 PM F270
101115317General Biology17/24/0OpenOrick M 4$396.00M W  12:00 PM-01:54 PM F150
T  12:00 PM-02:54 PM F270
101115319General Biology0/24/0ClosedLynd J 4$396.00M W  02:00 PM-03:54 PM F110
R  02:00 PM-04:54 PM F270
101115321General Biology14/24/0OpenNunez J 4$396.00M W  04:00 PM-05:54 PM F110
T  03:00 PM-05:54 PM F270
101115384General Biology24/24/0OpenSiddiqui A 4$396.00M  06:00 PM-09:26 PM F110
W  06:00 PM-09:26 PM F270
101115385General Biology21/24/0OpenJubenville-Lutz T 4$396.00T  05:00 PM-08:26 PM F110
R  05:00 PM-08:26 PM F270
101115388General Biology11/24/0OpenMuse W 4$396.00M  05:00 PM-08:26 PM F150
W  05:00 PM-08:26 PM F170
101115390General Biology20/24/0OpenSemrau K 4$396.00T  06:00 PM-09:26 PM F270
R  06:00 PM-09:26 PM F150
101115391General Biology23/24/0OpenStewart S 4$396.00T  06:00 PM-09:26 PM F150
R  06:00 PM-09:26 PM F170
101115423General Biology19/24/0OpenDone A 4$396.00T R  08:00 AM-09:54 AM F110
M  08:00 AM-10:54 AM F270
101117822General Biology16/24/0OpenMcNutt CHybrid4$396.00M  01:00 PM-04:54 PM F170
101117828General Biology18/24/0OpenTaylor BHybrid4$396.00F  08:00 AM-11:54 AM F270
101216025General Biology19/24/0OpenOConnell Devlin J 4$396.00T R  01:00 PM-04:26 PM RC460
101216070General Biology14/24/0OpenOlech T 4$396.00M W  06:00 PM-09:26 PM RC460
103112362Health Education0/31/1ClosedCrowley-Harpenau POnline3$12.00 
103115351Health Education13/31/0OpenMuse W 3$12.00R  06:00 PM-08:54 PM F110
103216014Health Education19/31/0OpenLopez Diaz L 3$12.00W  09:00 AM-11:54 AM RC690
104112311Conservation Natural Resources14/31/0OpenMcNutt COnline3$12.00 
105112308Basic Hum Anat Phy4/31/0OpenButkevich NOnline4$12.00 
105115322Basic Hum Anat Phy23/31/0OpenBlakely M 4$12.00T R  08:00 AM-09:54 AM F130
105216050Basic Hum Anat Phy23/30/0OpenArchbold H 4$12.00T R  06:00 PM-07:54 PM RC460
114017729Basic Human Nutrition27/31/0OpenMuse WOE/OE1$12.00 
114112419Basic Human Nutrition23/31/0OpenOrick MOnline1$12.00 
115017768Nutrition25/31/0OpenBayne NOE/OE3$12.00 
115112303Nutrition5/31/0OpenFruth KOnline3$12.00 
115112337Nutrition26/31/0OpenFruth KOnline3$12.00 
115112352Nutrition0/31/1ClosedCrowley-Harpenau POnline3$12.00 
115115320Nutrition13/31/0OpenMahimkar V 3$12.00F  09:00 AM-11:54 AM F130
115115324Nutrition25/31/0OpenStewart S 3$12.00R  02:00 PM-04:54 PM F110
115216061Nutrition23/31/0OpenBlakely M 3$12.00M  06:00 PM-08:54 PM RC675
120115306Principles of Biology 17/24/0OpenFriday S 5$308.00M W  02:30 PM-04:24 PM BTC200
T  03:00 PM-05:54 PM F170
120115327Principles of Biology 112/24/0OpenOrick M 5$308.00M W  02:00 PM-03:54 PM F150
R  02:00 PM-04:54 PM F170
120115336Principles of Biology 10/24/11ClosedFruth K 5$308.00T R  12:00 PM-01:54 PM F150
W  12:00 PM-02:54 PM F170
120115337Principles of Biology 117/24/0OpenLopez Diaz L 5$308.00T R  02:00 PM-03:54 PM F150
M  02:00 PM-04:54 PM F270
130115325Principles of Biology 22/24/0OpenOrick M 5$313.00M W  10:00 AM-11:54 AM F150
T  09:00 AM-11:54 AM F170
140115331Scan Elect Microscopy8/12/0OpenButkevich N 4$112.00T R  04:00 PM-05:54 PM BTC175
236115305Human Anatomy & Physiology0/24/5ClosedMahimkar V 5$283.00M W  08:00 AM-11:26 AM F250
236115318Human Anatomy & Physiology19/24/0OpenArchbold H 5$283.00F S  01:00 PM-04:26 PM F250
236115328Human Anatomy & Physiology1/24/0OpenCook S 5$283.00M W  11:30 AM-02:56 PM F250
236115329Human Anatomy & Physiology7/24/0OpenCook S 5$283.00T R  11:30 AM-02:56 PM F250
236115332Human Anatomy & Physiology20/24/0OpenAbbas M 5$283.00T R  03:00 PM-06:26 PM F250
236115333Human Anatomy & Physiology2/24/0OpenCook S 5$283.00T R  08:00 AM-11:26 AM F250
236115392Human Anatomy & Physiology11/24/0OpenMarang B 5$283.00M W  06:30 PM-09:56 PM F250
236115397Human Anatomy & Physiology11/24/0OpenWeckesser E 5$283.00T R  06:30 PM-09:56 PM F250
236115430Human Anatomy & Physiology3/24/0OpenSampson M 5$283.00M W  03:00 PM-06:26 PM F250
236117827Human Anatomy & Physiology0/24/7ClosedAbbas MHybrid5$283.00F  10:00 AM-12:54 PM F250
237115323Prin Hum Anat Phy 10/24/14ClosedLynd J 4$175.00T  04:00 PM-06:54 PM BTC145
W  04:00 PM-05:54 PM BTC135
237115339Prin Hum Anat Phy 10/24/3ClosedKitakis F 4$175.00T  08:00 AM-10:54 AM BTC145
R  08:00 AM-09:54 AM BTC135
237115340Prin Hum Anat Phy 10/24/1ClosedGray S 4$175.00M  11:00 AM-12:54 PM BTC135
W  11:00 AM-01:54 PM BTC145
237115341Prin Hum Anat Phy 10/24/0ClosedGray S 4$175.00T  11:00 AM-01:54 PM BTC145
R  11:00 AM-12:54 PM BTC135
237115342Prin Hum Anat Phy 18/24/0OpenSiddiqui A 4$175.00M  02:00 PM-04:54 PM BTC145
W  02:00 PM-03:54 PM BTC135
237115343Prin Hum Anat Phy 17/24/0OpenWrone T 4$175.00F  09:00 AM-11:54 AM BTC145
F  01:00 PM-02:54 PM BTC135
237115348Prin Hum Anat Phy 16/24/0OpenCook S 4$175.00M  08:00 AM-09:54 AM BTC135
W  08:00 AM-10:54 AM BTC145
237115365Prin Hum Anat Phy 10/24/16ClosedLynd J 4$175.00M  06:00 PM-07:54 PM BTC135
W  06:00 PM-08:54 PM BTC145
237115446Prin Hum Anat Phy 10/24/3ClosedKitakis F 4$175.00R  04:00 PM-06:54 PM BTC200
T  04:00 PM-05:54 PM BTC135
238115303Prin Hum Anat Phy 212/24/0OpenKurland S 4$175.00F  09:00 AM-11:54 AM BTC100
S  09:00 AM-10:54 AM BTC135
238115330Prin Hum Anat Phy 20/24/8ClosedGray S 4$175.00M  08:00 AM-10:54 AM BTC145
W  08:00 AM-09:54 AM BTC135
238115334Prin Hum Anat Phy 20/24/4ClosedMarang B 4$175.00M  11:00 AM-01:54 PM BTC145
W  11:00 AM-12:54 PM BTC135
238115335Prin Hum Anat Phy 20/24/3ClosedTaylor B 4$175.00T  11:00 AM-12:54 PM BTC135
R  11:00 AM-01:54 PM BTC145
238115338Prin Hum Anat Phy 20/24/0ClosedIsmail N 4$175.00T  08:00 AM-09:54 AM BTC135
R  08:00 AM-10:54 AM BTC145
238115394Prin Hum Anat Phy 214/24/0OpenJubenville-Lutz T 4$175.00M  06:00 PM-08:54 PM BTC145
W  06:00 PM-07:54 PM BTC135
238115395Prin Hum Anat Phy 216/24/0OpenDasanayaka M 4$175.00T  06:00 PM-07:54 PM BTC135
R  06:00 PM-08:54 PM BTC145
238115447Prin Hum Anat Phy 20/24/5ClosedTaylor B 4$175.00T  03:00 PM-05:54 PM BTC200
R  04:00 PM-05:54 PM BTC135
238117824Prin Hum Anat Phy 20/24/11ClosedButkevich NHybrid4$175.00T  01:00 PM-03:54 PM BTC135
238117826Prin Hum Anat Phy 20/24/10ClosedButkevich NHybrid4$175.00R  01:00 PM-03:54 PM BTC135
243115344Microbiology0/28/4ClosedMcNutt C 4$526.00M W  08:00 AM-09:54 AM BTC210
M W  10:00 AM-11:20 AM BTC200
243115345Microbiology0/28/10ClosedButkevich N 4$526.00T R  08:00 AM-09:54 AM BTC210
T R  10:00 AM-11:20 AM BTC200
243115346Microbiology0/28/1ClosedBieri R 4$526.00T R  08:00 AM-09:20 AM BTC200
T R  10:00 AM-11:54 AM BTC210
243115347Microbiology22/28/0OpenAnderson D L 4$526.00T R  11:30 AM-12:55 PM BTC200
T R  01:00 PM-02:54 PM BTC210
243115398Microbiology7/28/0OpenWrone T 4$526.00M W  05:00 PM-06:20 PM BTC200
M W  07:00 PM-08:54 PM BTC210
290117402Life Scien Lab Tech23/24/0OpenO'Hagan D 3$237.00T  10:00 AM-11:54 AM BTC245
F  12:00 PM-04:00 PM TBA
295117403Life Sci Lab Intern23/24/0OpenO'Hagan D 3$237.00T  12:00 PM-01:54 PM BTC245
X  10:00 AM-02:00 PM TBA

BIOLOGY; No of Weeks : 12


Begins : Monday, January 29, 2018

050112306Basic Biology25/31/0OpenOrick MOnline4$12.00 
100112790Intro To Biology28/31/0OpenGray SOnline4$336.00 
103112309Health Education12/31/0OpenCrowley-Harpenau POnline3$12.00 
103112466Health Education26/31/0OpenGray SOnline3$12.00 
105112406Basic Hum Anat Phy21/31/0OpenAbbas MOnline4$12.00 
114112755Basic Human Nutrition23/31/0OpenOrick MOnline1$12.00 
115112756Nutrition29/31/0OpenAbbas MOnline3$12.00 
237115326Prin Hum Anat Phy 118/24/0OpenCavanaugh P 4$175.00T R  04:00 PM-05:48 PM LA470
F  03:00 PM-05:24 PM BTC135
237115352Prin Hum Anat Phy 10/24/2ClosedBieri R 4$175.00M T  06:30 PM-08:18 PM LA270
R  06:30 PM-08:54 PM BTC135

BIOLOGY; No of Weeks : 7


Begins : Monday, March 12, 2018

103112775Health Education31/31/0OpenCook SOnline3$12.00 
115112312Nutrition27/31/0OpenCamiener EOnline3$12.00 
115112757Nutrition31/31/0OpenCamiener EOnline3$12.00 

T = Tuesday
R = Thursday

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