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Course Description

Computer Service Technician - COMPS 124

Introduction to Personal Computers and Software (3-0) 3 Cr. Hrs.

Course Description

This course is designed to introduce the student to the hardware and software aspects of the personal computer. The student will learn to identify the key components of the computer. Numbering systems, digital logic, memory devices, digital circuits and systems will be introduced to the student. An introduction to operating systems will be covered. The student will learn how a computer operates, how data is organized on a hard drive, how to format disks and how to transfer data.


(A requirement that must be completed before taking this course.)

  • None.

Course Competencies

Upon successful completion of the course, the student should be able to:

  • Explain the hardware components of a personal computer.
  • Explain how an operating system works on a personal computer.
  • Explain how a computer is connected to the internet.
  • Explain how to isolate hardware failures on a personal computer.
  • Explain how to isolate application software failures on a personal computer.
  • Explain basic DOS commands and options.
  • Explain how to support customers on a help desk.
  • Explain how a microprocessor controls hardware components in a personal computer.
  • Explain how data electrically traverses through a personal computer.

Course Schedule

Currently no sections of this class are being offered.