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Course Description

Computer Graphics Technology - CGT 141

Introduction to 2D Animation and Interactive Media (3-0) 3 Cr. Hrs.

Course Description

This course is an introduction to the creation of interactive media. Students will learn how to make basic 2D animations and use basic scripting techniques to make interactive projects for CD-ROM and kiosk based projects. Emphasis will be on solving the special design and production problems encountered when creating non-linear projects, along with animation techniques, basic scripting, memory management, importing/exporting considerations, basic sound and video, project management and production planning.


(A requirement that must be completed before taking this course.)

  • CGT 136 with a minimum grade of 2.0 or Consent of department.


  • Individuals currently in industry may be eligible to waive the prerequisites. Discuss options with the department.
  • CGT 127 with a minimum grade of 2.0.

Course Competencies

Upon successful completion of the course, the student should be able to:

  • Apply good project management skills.
  • Create storyboards, flowcharts, prototypes, rough cuts and pencil tests for use in the creation of animation and interactive projects.
  • Modify content as necessary to allocate memory effectively.
  • Use the basic functions of an authoring software in a way to ensure good workflow.
  • Import graphics, text, sound and digital video to interactive media.
  • Apply good design and typographic skills to screen based projects.
  • Create simple 2D animations which use scene changes and "camera" techniques to create effective stories or messages.
  • Create scripts for interactive media employing simple navigation, variables, conditional statements and property changes using both mouse and keyboard inputs.
  • Create simple interactive and animation projects using efficient navigation, feedback to the user and organization.

Course Schedule

 CourseSectionCourse TitleModeCredit HoursInstructorsFeeSeats Available ⁄Capacity ⁄WaitlistStatusDays-Time-Room

Fall; 2018; COMPUTER GRAPHICS TECHNOLOGY; No of Weeks : 15; Begins : 08/27/2018

 1411493572D Anim Inter Med 3Radlicki B$42.0017/22/0OpenR  07:00 PM-09:52 PM JC103

Winter; 2019; COMPUTER GRAPHICS TECHNOLOGY; No of Weeks : 15; Begins : 01/14/2019

 1411193222D Anim Inter Med 3Radlicki B$42.0024/24/0OpenM  04:00 PM-06:52 PM JC110