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Course Description

Computer Aided Design - CAD 106

Advanced Drawing Views and Descriptive Geometry (3-2) 4 Cr. Hrs.

Course Description

This course is designed to teach the student advanced skills in drawing view creation. Sketching and computer aided drafting (CAD) will be the tools for communicating mechanical product information. Topics to be covered will include projection methods for creating orthographic, auxiliary and section views. Descriptive Geometry will be used to solve advanced drawing problems. This course is designed for those who have chosen a career as a mechanical or tool designer.


(A requirement that must be completed before taking this course.)

Course Competencies

Upon successful completion of the course, the student should be able to:

  • Create part drawings using 2 D CAD software.
  • Develop orthographic views of objects using third angle projection techniques.
  • Develop section views of parts.
  • Implement common dimensioning methods.
  • Calculate the limits of size for holes and shafts from fit information given on part drawings.
  • Identify various fasteners.
  • Demonstrate the function of various fasteners.
  • Locate point lines and planes in space.
  • Develop true length of lines.
  • Develop missing orthographic views from two given views.
  • Determine minimum required views in order to best communicate information.
  • Develop primary auxiliary views.
  • Develop secondary auxiliary views.
  • Develop revolved views of objects.
  • Determine visibility of intersecting lines and planes in space.
  • Determine distances and angles between lines and planes in space.

Course Schedule

 CourseSectionCourse TitleModeCredit HoursInstructorsFeeSeats Available ⁄Capacity ⁄WaitlistStatusDays-Time-Room

Winter; 2019; COMPUTER AIDED DESIGN; No of Weeks : 15; Begins : 01/14/2019

 106114251Adv Draw Views & Descrip Geome 4Rochon S$187.0024/24/0OpenR  05:30 PM-10:24 PM AS310