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Transferring your Schoolcraft Credits to another College or University

Many students come to Schoolcraft College to complete the first two years of college coursework before transferring to a four-year institution. It can save time and money (with lower tuition rates and flexible scheduling options) and provide a strong foundation for further academic pursuits. That is why we have teamed with nearly all of the private and public institutions in Michigan and created several different tools to make transferring individual class credits and even whole entire degrees easy.

Work with your academic advisor or counselor.

If transferring your credits is your goal, you are strongly encouraged to work closely with your academic advisor or counselor to plan your class schedules accordingly. Your advisor or counselor will guide you through the process, which can change from year to year, making it a challenge to follow on your own.

Learn more about your options for transfer.

There are four ways Schoolcraft students can transfer out to a four-year college or university:

  • Earn an associate degree in arts, business administration, engineering, fine arts, general studies, or science and transfer 60 or more credits. These degrees are designed for transfer into a bachelor’s degree program at another college or university. Most will accept 60 or more Schoolcraft credits. See individual transfer guides for more information. 
  • Earn an associate degree in applied science and see if it’s part of an articulation agreement. Articulation agreements allow students to take more than 60 credits at Schoolcraft before transferring.  These degrees are designed for immediate employment, but some of them are part of an articulation agreement with another college or university.  Some institutions will allow up to 90 Schoolcraft credits to be applied to their bachelor’s degree requirements. 
  • Earn credits that satisfy the transfer destination college’s general education requirements and/or the MACRAO transfer agreement requirements. General education requirements can be found on college websites and/or the transfer guide.
  • Take specific courses at Schoolcraft that transfer to another college or university.  Course equivalency tables are online to view by college or you can view how Schoolcraft credits transfer out by going to the Michigan Transfer Network.

IMPORTANT: General education and MACRAO Transfer agreement requirements vary depending on the college or university to which you are transferring and depending on your program of study. Always work with an academic advisor or counselor to ensure that your credits will transfer.

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Get Ready To Transfer

  1. Visit the website of the college to which you plan to transfer.
  2. Meet with a recruiter.
  3. Apply early.
  4. Search for available scholarships.
  5. Send official Schoolcraft transcripts.

We understand that the transfer process can be overwhelming sometimes. Please meet with one of our academic advisors or counselors for help.

Learn more about your options for transfer.

Learn more about your options for transfer.

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