Mathematics Spring 2014
Status and Seats Available as of 7/31/2014 5:00:01 AM
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MATHEMATICS; No of Weeks : 7; Begins : 05/05/2014

 045123000Basic Mathematics12/28/0OpenMarilley D 4 
M T W R 10:00AM-12:07PMLA110
 045123015Basic Mathematics16/28/0OpenMarilley D 4 
M T W R 12:30PM-02:37PMLA110
 045123050Basic Mathematics11/28/0OpenGueorguiev E 4 
M T W R 06:00PM-08:07PMLA110
 047122954Prealgebra 14/31/0ClosedBearden LOnline3$30.00
 047123017Prealgebra19/28/0OpenGueorguiev E 3 
M T W R 08:25AM-09:51AMLA110
 047226059Prealgebra15/31/0OpenMaheshwari N 3 
M W 06:00PM-09:10PMRC690
 053122922Beginning Algebra 18/31/0ClosedBearden LOnline4$30.00
 053122988Beginning Algebra 30/31/0ClosedBearden LOnline4$30.00
 053123001Beginning Algebra11/28/0OpenKerr S 4 
M T W R 08:00AM-10:07AMLA100
 053123010Beginning Algebra10/28/0OpenAndersen K 4 
M T W R 01:00PM-03:07PMLA100
 053123051Beginning Algebra23/31/0OpenYemets A 4 
M T W R 06:00PM-08:07PMLA400
 101027712Business Mathematics 18/31/0OpenDiDonato JOE/OE3$30.00
 101122426Business Mathematics 10/31/0ClosedKavanaugh EOnline3$30.00
 101123014Business Mathematics14/31/0OpenGueorguieva S 3 
M W 12:30PM-03:40PMBTC170
 101123060Business Mathematics21/31/0OpenGueorguieva S 3 
T R 06:00PM-09:10PMBTC300
 111122411Applications Utility of Math 19/31/0ClosedLazarski AOnline4$30.00
 111122717Applications Utility of Math 20/31/0ClosedMcCoy MOnline4$30.00
 111123006Applications Utility of Math11/31/0OpenNicklaus R 4 
M T W R 09:00AM-11:07AMBTC160
 111123053Applications Utility of Math5/31/0OpenSmith D 4 
T R 05:30PM-09:43PMBTC320
 113122354Intermediate Algebra 12/31/0ClosedLazarski AOnline4$30.00
 113122959Intermediate Algebra 9/31/0ClosedLazarski AOnline4$30.00
 113123002Intermediate Algebra7/31/0OpenKavanaugh E 4 
M T W R 08:00AM-10:07AMBTC350
 113123003Intermediate Algebra7/31/0OpenKerr S 4 
M T W R 10:15AM-12:22PMBTC350
 113123012Intermediate Algebra13/31/0OpenDiDonato J 4 
M T W R 01:00PM-03:07PMBTC350
 113123052Intermediate Algebra6/31/0OpenKohlert P 4 
M T W R 06:30PM-08:37PMBTC350
 119123054Trigonometry11/31/0OpenDiDonato J 3 
M W 06:00PM-09:10PMBTC320
 119123134Trigonometry3/31/0OpenChoraszewski L 3 
M T W R 01:00PM-02:26PMBTC320
 122123023Elementary Statistics1/31/0OpenGerich R 4 
M T W R 11:30AM-01:37PMBTC160
 122123055Elementary Statistics9/31/0OpenGerich R 4 
M T W R 07:00PM-09:07PMBTC165
 128123004Precalculus Without Trig17/31/0OpenYemets A 4 
M T W R 09:00AM-11:07AMBTC100
 129123005Precalculus With Trig1/31/0OpenChoraszewski L 5 
M T W R 09:00AM-11:35AMBTC165
 129226089Precalculus With Trig21/31/0OpenHu Z 5 
M T W R 06:30PM-09:05PMRC660
 145123007Calc Business & Social Science6/30/0OpenFranchy G 4 
M T W R 11:30AM-01:37PMPE100
 150123009Calculus Analytic Geometry 10/31/0ClosedKavanaugh E 5 
M T W R 10:15AM-12:50PMBTC320
 150123020Calculus Analytic Geometry 17/31/0OpenMcCoy M 5 
M T W R 12:00PM-02:35PMBTC165
 150123058Calculus Analytic Geometry 15/31/0OpenLai H 5 
M T W R 06:00PM-08:35PMBTC160
 151123021Calculus Analytic Geometry 21/31/0OpenMcCoy M 5 
M T W R 09:00AM-11:35AMBTC300
 151123024Calculus Analytic Geometry 28/31/0OpenQiu Y 5 
M T W R 03:00PM-05:35PMBTC165
 151123061Calculus Analytic Geometry 29/31/0OpenCorral M 5 
M T W R 06:00PM-08:35PMBTC170
 240123022Calculus Analytic Geometry 30/31/0ClosedQiu Y 5 
M T W R 12:00PM-02:35PMBTC300

MATHEMATICS; No of Weeks : 12; Begins : 05/05/2014

 122122722Elementary Statistics 4/31/0ClosedStetson BOnline4$30.00
 122122724Elementary Statistics 6/31/0ClosedStetson BOnline4$30.00

MATHEMATICS; No of Weeks : 12; Begins : 05/19/2014

 122122735Elementary Statistics 15/31/0ClosedStetson BOnline4$30.00
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