Fall 2014
Status and Seats Available as of 10/30/2014 10:00:01 PM
  No of Weeks   Begins   
 CourseSectionCourse TitleSeats Available ⁄Capacity ⁄WaitlistStatusInstructorsModeCredit HoursFeeDays-Time-Room

COLLEGE AND BEYOND; No of Weeks : 1; Begins : 10/24/2014

 100140109Student Success Seminar4/30/0OpenOliver M 1 
F S X 09:00AM-01:54PMMC015

COLLEGE AND BEYOND; No of Weeks : 1; Begins : 10/31/2014

 100140134Student Success Seminar15/30/0OpenFichtenberg C 1 
F 09:00AM-04:54PMMC015
S 09:00AM-03:54PMMC015

COLLEGE AND BEYOND; No of Weeks : 1; Begins : 11/07/2014

 100140121Student Success Seminar3/30/0OpenFichtenberg C 1 
F 09:00AM-04:54PMMC035
S 09:00AM-03:54PMMC035

COLLEGE AND BEYOND; No of Weeks : 1; Begins : 11/21/2014

 100140101Student Success Seminar15/30/0OpenFichtenberg C 1 
F S X 09:00AM-01:54PMMC035

CULINARY ARTS; No of Weeks : 5; Begins : 11/03/2014

 124143732Breakfast & Pantry1/16/0OpenStaff 4$175.00
T W R F 06:30AM-10:20AMVT620
 125143733Pastries 11/16/0OpenDecker J 4$185.00
T W R F 06:00AM-10:20AMVT645
 128143737Intro Food Techniques1/16/0OpenHaight M 4$185.00
T W R 11:45AM-04:15PMVT620
 142143736Butchery 0/16/0ClosedPolcyn BHaight M 4$185.00
M 12:40PM-07:20PMVT625
T W 01:00PM-04:20PMVT625
 143143738Dining Room Service1/16/0OpenFleming M 4$150.00
T W R F 10:45AM-02:20PMVT690
 144143731Baking 1/16/0OpenGabriel J 4$150.00
W R 11:15AM-04:10PMVT635
F 06:00AM-10:50AMVT635
 215143743Charcuterie1/14/0OpenPolcyn B 4$185.00
T W R F 09:10AM-01:00PMVT625
 227143741Restaurant Cooking & Prep3/14/0OpenLoving S 4$185.00
T W R F 06:45AM-10:45AMVT695
 240143740Pastries 20/14/0ClosedHaight M 4$175.00
M 09:00AM-12:20PMVT645
T W R 04:40PM-08:00PMVT645
 242143749A la Carte0/13/0ClosedLoving S 4$185.00
T W R F 10:45AM-01:00PMVT695
T W R F 01:00PM-02:45PMVT405
 243143746Storeroom Operations0/14/0ClosedMisiak C 3$175.00
M T W 08:00AM-11:20AMVT640
 244143715International & Amer Cuisine0/13/0ClosedBeland B 8$280.00
W R F 01:00PM-08:54PMVT695
T 01:00PM-04:54PMVT695
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