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Catalog 2018-19

Michigan Transfer Agreement

Fulfill the Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA)

The MTA makes it easier for students to transfer their general education courses earned at community colleges like Schoolcraft to participating four-year institutions in the State of Michigan and gives students more flexibility in the selection of courses they can take to satisfy the general education requirements.

Schoolcraft Courses Meeting the Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA) Requirements

(Only these courses or combination of courses may be used to satisfy the final requirements for MTA math or communications.)

Discipline Course Requirements
English Composition: 6 credit hours ENG 101M&ENG 102M*orENG 101M&COMA 103M+*orENG 102M&COMA 103M+*orENG 102M&ENG 221M*orENG 221M&COMA 103M+*
Humanities: 4 to 8 credit hours Select two MTA courses from two different disciplines
Mathematics: 4 to 5 credit hours Select at least one from the following:
College Algebra, Statistics, Quantitative Reasoning (a.k.a. Every day or Liberal Arts Mathematics), or an advanced level course in any of these areas
Sciences: 7 to 9 credit hours Select two MTA science courses, with one course containing a lab, from two different disciplines
Social Sciences: 6 o 8 credit hours Select two MTA courses from two different disciplines
Total Credits: Minimum of 30 credit hours required Electives may be selected from MTA courses

English Communication

English (ENG) 101M&102M* or102M&221M* orENG 101M&COMA 103M+* orENG 102M&COMA 103M+* orENG 221M&COMA 103M+*


Arabic (ARB) 101M,102M,201M,202M
Art (ART) 115M,116M,120M,121M,127M,128M,133M,134M,201M,216,221M,222M,228M,231M,233M,234M,235M,246M,247M
Chinese (CHIN) 101M,102M, 201M,202M
Communications (COMA) 103M+*,200M,201M,210M,230M
French (FR) 101M,102M,201M,202M
German (GER) 101M,102M,201M,202M
History (HIST) 134M+,137M+,138M+,141M+,151M+,152M+,153M+,230M+
Humanities (HUM) 106M,150M,190M,201M,202M,203M,204M,210M,212M,215M
Italian (ITAL) 101M,102M
Literature (ENG) 170M,200M,203M,243M,244M,245M,246M,248M,251M,252M,275M,280M
Music (MUSIC) 104M,105M,149M,153M,154M,155M,164M,165M,250M,252M
Philosophy (PHIL) 243M,247M,257M,277M
Spanish (SPAN) 101M,102M,201M,202M
Theater (THEA) 101M,210M,211M,231M,232M,241M


(MATH) 111M,119M,122M,126M,129M,135M,145M,150M,151M,230M,240M,252M


Biology (BIOL) 100ML,101ML,103M,104M,105M,114M,115M,120ML,130ML,140ML,236ML,237ML,238ML,243ML
Chemistry (CHEM) 104ML,111ML,117ML,120ML,213ML,214ML
Geography (GEOG) 135ML+,203M+,212M+,217M+,225M+
Geology (GEOL) 133ML,134ML,237ML
Physics (PHYS) 104ML,123ML,181ML,182ML,211ML,212ML

Social Sciences

Anthropology (ANTH) 112M,117M,120M,201M,211M,214M
Economics (ECON) 103M,201M,202M
Geography (GEOG) 133M+
History (HIST) 134M+,137M+,138M+,141M+,151M+,152M+,153M+,230M+
Political Science (POLS) 105M,109M,205M,207M,209M298M
Psychology (PSYCH) 153M,201M,205M,206M,207M,209M,219M,229M,239M,249M
Sociology (SOC) 201M,205M,209M,210M,220M,290M

All courses on this list qualify to be used toward meeting Schoolcraft College General Education requirements and are a part of a liberal arts distribution of learning.


M = Liberal Arts courses used to satisfy SCGE requirements and the Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA) requirements.

* = Only these courses or combination of courses may be used to satisfy the final requirement for MTA English Communications.

L =Lab Science

+ = Students may not use the same History course to satisfy both the humanities and social sciences or COMA 103M+* to satisfy both humanities and English communications.  Only certain Geography courses can be used for a natural science or social science course.

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Revised 03/24/2017

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