Associate Degree Offers Quick ROI

Associate degrees take half as long as a bachelor’s degree to complete but can have a dramatic impact on your life and career:

  • Studies show that people with college degrees are less likely to be unemployed and that
    those with an associate degree earn $12,000 more per year than those with only a high
    school diploma.
  • A Schoolcraft associate degree can lead directly to the workforce or be a stepping stone
    to a bachelor’s degree program at another college or university
  • In follow-up surveys Schoolcraft graduates report significant improvements in crucial life
    and job skill areas such as critical thinking, math and communicating effectively.

Three Associate Degree Pathways

Working closely with an academic advisor, you can select an associate degree program that will take you on one of three pathways:

  • Directly to the workforce. These career-focused degree programs prepare you for
    immediate employment.
  • Transfer to a college or university. These transfer-oriented programs fulfill the general
    studies requirements of a bachelor’s degree, allowing you to save thousands in tuition by
    starting at Schoolcraft before transferring to a four-year school.
  • Articulation agreement. These agreements with selected universities enable you to earn a specific career-focused associate degree at Schoolcraft and transfer into a specific bachelor’s degree program at the four-year campus.
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