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Frequently Asked Questions

When does my work have to be completed?

Any and all work must but be completed, submitted and received on or before the published semester end deadline for the OE/OE program. See the Student Handbook for this deadline.

Can I request an extension?

Extensions and incompletes are not normally given except in the most extreme documented medical cases. If you believe that you are not going to be able to complete the work, please consider taking the class again when your situation is better.

What if I can't complete the work due to unforeseen circumstances?

Please first contact your instructor as soon as the problem arises to discuss possible alternatives. If no alternative can be agreed upon, consider the last day to withdraw as posted in the College academic calendar. Withdrawing from a course is much better than getting a low grade or zero. We want you to be able to come back and continue your work when you are able.

What if I don't do as well as I could (for any reason) or wish a better grade?

At Schoolcraft you can repeat classes to improve your grade. Learning is an ongoing process.

What if I need help in completing my assignments? How may I go about getting assistance?

OE/OE provides lab times to do your work and meet with your instructor. Please refer to the OE/OE instructor lab hours handout distributed at orientation or check the College’s website for when your instructor is in the OE/OE lab. Your instructors are in the lab and eager to help! In addition, there are other support groups on campus through the Learning Assistance Center. To contact the main campus LAC office call (734) 462-4436. To contact the Radcliff Center LAC call (734) 462-4400 ext. 6021.

If I have any questions and my instructor requests I come in to the OE/OE lab area to discuss them, what should I do?

You should make every effort to come in during the instructors posted lab hours. Remember OE/OE is not an online course. The OE/OE lab is provided to allow the instructor the time and place to work with the student. Please consider this before continuing in the class.

Am I allowed to email or call my instructor during the semester if I have a question?

Absolutely, please refer to the instructor contact handout inside the OE/OE booklet distributed at orientation. Please follow these basic rules when communicating with your instructor: (1) Always include your name and the class you are referring to in your message and (2) Keep your questions brief and to the point.

Are there other computer labs on campus I can use to do my work?

Yes! MC100 in the McDowell Center is open daily and on weekends with hours posted in the lab. At Radcliff, RC140 has weekly hours posted outside the room. Call (734) 462-4400 ext. 5529 for hours at both campuses.

How do I know what grades I have so far for my work?

Check with your instructor regarding how grades will be posted. Your instructor should have scores for your assessments posted in the Blackboard grade book for your course. Please allow at least one week for this process. At the end of the semester your final grade will be posted in WebAdvisor and will be available for you to view.

Where do I submit and pick-up my homework?

You may submit homework via email, BlackBoard or to a drop-off area in the Biomedical Technology Center. Each instructor will give you directions regarding homework submission for their particular course. The homework drop-off area is located down the hallway near the OE/OE Lab (Room 120) of the Biomedical Technology Center. The homework pick-up area is located justinside the OE/OE lab. A picture ID is required to pick-up homework.

Where do I take my tests?

Some tests may be take home and given to you during orientation, some tests may be housed on the Blackboard site for your course, and some tests will require that you come to campus and take them in the OE/OE Testing Center located in the Biomedical Technology Center, Room 120. It is mandatory that at least one assessment is done on campus in the OE/OE Lab. A picture ID is required for testing in the OE/OE Testing Center.

How is Testing Done?

Testing is conducted in Biomedical Technology Center, room BTC120.

  • Tests are on file for each Open Entry/Open Exit course at semester start.
  • Tests are to be taken after completion of the required tutorials and/or chapters as designated in the course syllabus.
  • A picture ID (driver's license, State ID, or Schoolcraft College Student ID) will be required for all assessments taken in the OE/OE Testing Center.
  • Identify course as Open Entry/Open Exit, course number, test to be taken, and instructor.
  • Tests will be picked up by the OE/OE staff, graded, and results posted to the Blackboard course grade book.
  • If scantrons are required, they will be supplied by the OE/OE Testing Center.
  • Be sure to know your testing requirements (i.e. open book, open notes, etc.) so that you will bring the appropriate course materials with you when you come to test.
  • Once you begin a test, you must complete the test. If you exit the lab for any reason, your test will be terminated and you will not be able to resume testing.

How is homework submitted and returned?

  • Individual assignments are listed in the course syllabus.
  • Assignments must be submitted on a regular basis to enable the instructor to monitor progress and course mastery.
  • Homework for OE/OE classes may be submitted in several ways as determined by the course instructor:
    • Via email
    • Via Blackboard
    • Via drop-off to the OE/OE mailbox
  • The Homework Drop-Off Mailbox is located in the hallway just down from the OE/OE Lab (Room 120) of the Biomedical Technology Center. As long as the building is open, you will be able to access the Homework Drop-Off Mailbox. Homework placed in the mailbox is picked up several times each day (excluding Sundays) and placed in a designated area for faculty to pick up.
  • Envelopes are located in a bin attached to the mailbox for your use is submitting homework. Please be sure to list the instructor's name, class, and your name on the envelope before you drop it into the mailbox.
  • Instructors will grade your homework and return it to you by the same means you sent it to them. Homework emailed will be returned via email or to the Homework Pick-Up area, homework submitted via Blackboard will be graded in Blackboard, and homework dropped off to the Homework Drop-Off Mailbox will be returned to the Homework Pick-Up area. Check with your instructor for homework return policy.
  • picture ID (driver’s license, State ID, or Schoolcraft College Student ID) will be required to pick up your work from the Homework Pick-Up area located just inside the OE/OE lab doors. An OE/OE employee must pull your work from the bins. Do not attempt to retrieve homework from the bins on your own. If no one is seated at the check-in desk just inside the lab, go to the Testing Center in the corner of the room and consult with the Testing Administrator.
  • For any questions or concerns, contact the Learning Options Associate at (734) 462-4481.

What are my responsibilities as a student?

To receive credit for the courses, you must do the following:

  • Register and pay the tuition for the courses.
  • Access the orientation schedule for the day, date, time, place, and course materials for the semester-start orientation.
  • Must attend orientation before beginning course.
  • Make sure that you have all of the required course materials (textbooks, syllabus, etc.). Textbooks can be purchased at the College Bookstore.
  • Develop a study plan (4 - 6 hours per topic) and stick to it. Set a schedule for completing your assignments and taking exams. Be sure to stick to this schedule.
  • Seek help when questions arise by contacting your instructor or coming to the OE/OE lab for assistance during the instructor’s posted lab hours.
  • Move through the course at a steady pace.
  • Submit homework in a timely manner allowing your instructor to provide feedback on your progress and course mastery.
  • Tests are to be taken after completion of the required Tutorials and/or Chapters as designated in the course syllabus.
  • Respond to instructor contacts or mailings on a timely basis.
  • All coursework (homework and tests) are to be completed by semester end. Deadline dates for each semester will be posted.

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