SOC 201

Principles of Sociology

Course Description

This course provides a survey of the major theoretical perspectives, concepts and methods of sociology. Topics covered include social organization, culture, socialization, stratification systems, social institutions and social change.


(A requirement that must be completed before taking this course.)

  • None.

Course Competencies

Upon successful completion of the course, the student should be able to:

  • Explain human social behavior in terms of basic sociological principles.
  • Examine the strengths and weaknesses of the major sociological research methods.
  • Analyze social situations for ethnocentric bias and cultural relativism.
  • Illustrate how social structures and institutions shape the lives of individuals in modern society.
  • Examine the impact of social change on current or historical social, economic or political institutions.
  • Explain the impact of globalization on society.
  • Draw conclusions based on reliable and relevant information.
  • Identify behavior appropriate to different social and cultural contexts.
  • Examine the consequences of social class stratification.
  • Analyze data for patterns of gender and/or racial/ethnic inequality.

Course Schedule

        No of Weeks   Begins   
 CourseSectionCourse TitleModeCredit HoursInstructorsFeeSeats Available ⁄Capacity ⁄WaitlistStatusDays-Time-Room

Fall; 2015; SOCIOLOGY; No of Weeks : 7; Begins : 10/27/2015

 201142717Principles of Sociology Online3Kairis T$30.000/31/0Closed
 201142726Principles of Sociology Online3Kairis T$30.007/31/0Open

Fall; 2015; SOCIOLOGY; No of Weeks : 12; Begins : 09/22/2015

 201141021Principles of Sociology 3Legel S 0/31/1Closed
T R 09:30AM-11:10AMLA470
 201142456Principles of Sociology Online3Schaumann K$30.006/31/0Open
 201142748Principles of Sociology Online3Schaumann K$30.007/31/0Open

Fall; 2015; SOCIOLOGY; No of Weeks : 15; Begins : 08/31/2015

 201047710Principles of Sociology OE/OE3Jubenville L$30.003/31/0Open
 201141001Principles of Sociology 3Legel S 2/28/0Open
T R 08:00AM-09:20AMLA475
 201141002Principles of Sociology 3Moore J 0/28/0Closed
M W 09:30AM-10:50AMLA475
 201141003Principles of Sociology 3Moore J 3/28/0Open
M W 08:00AM-09:20AMLA475
 201141004Principles of Sociology 3Roney-Hays S 4/28/0Open
W 02:30PM-05:24PMLA475
 201141005Principles of Sociology 3Schaumann K 3/28/0Open
F 09:00AM-11:54AMLA475
 201141006Principles of Sociology 3Macgillivery M 0/28/0Closed
T 09:30AM-12:24PMLA475
 201141007Principles of Sociology 3Gutierrez L 0/28/0Closed
M W 11:00AM-12:20PMLA475
 201141008Principles of Sociology 3Kairis T 0/28/0Closed
T R 11:30AM-12:50PMLA260
 201141013Principles of Sociology 3Roney-Hays S 2/28/0Open
T R 01:00PM-02:20PMLA475
 201141015Principles of Sociology 3Macgillivery M 4/28/0Open
T 02:30PM-05:24PMLA475
 201141020Principles of Sociology 3McMahon G 15/28/0Open
R 02:30PM-05:24PMLA475
 201141052Principles of Sociology 3Jubenville L 10/28/0Open
M 06:00PM-08:54PMLA475
 201141054Principles of Sociology 3Jubenville L 9/28/0Open
T 06:00PM-08:54PMLA475
 201142916Principles of Sociology Online3Moore J$30.007/31/0Open
 201142919Principles of Sociology Online3Oxley R$30.0011/31/0Open
 201246109Principles of Sociology 3Gutierrez L 5/31/0Open
M 01:00PM-03:54PMRC675
 201246153Principles of Sociology 3Hale L 22/31/0Open
M 06:00PM-08:54PMRC385
 201246180Principles of Sociology 3Schaumann K 13/31/0Open
W 06:00PM-08:54PMRC385

Winter; 2016; SOCIOLOGY; No of Weeks : 7; Begins : 03/14/2016

 201112468Principles of Sociology Online3Macgillivery M$30.0027/31/0Open
 201112942Principles of Sociology Online3Hale L$30.0031/31/0Open

Winter; 2016; SOCIOLOGY; No of Weeks : 12; Begins : 02/01/2016

 201111011Principles of Sociology 3Gillis P 23/31/0Open
T R 12:30PM-02:10PMLA270
 201112949Principles of Sociology Online3Schaumann K$30.0015/31/0Open
 201112959Principles of Sociology Online3Schaumann K$30.0027/31/0Open

Winter; 2016; SOCIOLOGY; No of Weeks : 15; Begins : 01/11/2016

 201017728Principles of Sociology OE/OE3Jubenville L$30.0013/31/0Open
 201111001Principles of Sociology 3Moore J 10/28/0Open
T R 08:00AM-09:20AMLA475
 201111002Principles of Sociology 3Schaumann K 10/28/0Open
F 09:00AM-11:54AMLA475
 201111003Principles of Sociology 3Moore J 0/28/0Closed
T R 10:00AM-11:20AMLA475
 201111004Principles of Sociology 3Jubenville L 8/28/0Open
W 04:00PM-06:54PMLA475
 201111009Principles of Sociology 3Roney-Hays S 6/28/0Open
M W 11:30AM-12:50PMLA475
 201111010Principles of Sociology 3Schaumann K 0/28/0Closed
T R 01:00PM-02:20PMLA475
 201111013Principles of Sociology 3Roney-Hays S 11/28/0Open
T R 11:30AM-12:50PMLA475
 201111014Principles of Sociology 3Jubenville L 17/28/0Open
M W 08:00AM-09:20AMLA475
 201111052Principles of Sociology 3Jubenville L 15/28/0Open
M 06:30PM-09:24PMLA475
 201112393Principles of Sociology Online3Kairis T$30.0019/31/0Open
 201112450Principles of Sociology Online3Oxley R$30.0030/31/0Open
 201112919Principles of Sociology Online3Kairis T$30.007/31/0Open
 201112929Principles of Sociology Online3Moore J$30.0018/31/0Open
 201216312Principles of Sociology 3McMahon G 26/31/0Open
W 08:00AM-10:54AMRC680
 201216353Principles of Sociology 3McMahon G 25/31/0Open
W 06:00PM-08:54PMRC680

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