Introductory Psychology

Course Description

Principles of human thought and action with emphasis on individuals in their environment; individual differences in intelligence and personality; effects of heredity and environment on the organism; and the nervous system, perception, learning, intelligence, motivation and emotion and social relationships will be explored.


(A requirement that must be completed before taking this course.)

  • None.
  • Recommended: Successful completion of courses in Biology and Social Science at the 100 level.

Course Competencies

Upon successful completion of the course, the student should be able to:

  • Evaluate psychological studies with a research methodology approach.
  • Apply statistical reasoning and concepts to psychological research.
  • Explain the structures and the functions of brain anatomy.
  • Analyze the influences of nature and nurture on behavior and mental processes.
  • Compare and contrast the biological, cognitive and social changes across the life-span.
  • Examine the major conceptual and theoretical oreintation in social psychology.
  • Apply the major concepts and theoretical approaches to learning.
  • Classify common psychological disorders.
  • Describe the major processes involved in human memory.
  • Summarize different states of consciousness and their impact on behavior and mental processes.
  • Apply emotions, stress and health models to everyday human behaviors and mental processes.
  • Compare and contrast theoretical orientations in the study of personality.

Course Schedule

  No of Weeks   Begins   
 CourseSectionCourse TitleModeCredit HoursInstructorsFeeSeats Available ⁄Capacity ⁄WaitlistStatusDays-Time-Room

PSYCHOLOGY; No of Weeks : 12; Begins : 09/22/2015

 201142155Intro Psychology 4Garcia G 22/31/0Open
M W 06:00PM-08:26PMLA370
 201142358Intro Psychology Online4Pilgrim C$30.0013/31/0Open
 201142461Intro Psychology Online4Jackson L$30.000/31/0Closed
 201142734Intro Psychology Online4Pilgrim C$30.0025/31/0Open

PSYCHOLOGY; No of Weeks : 15; Begins : 08/31/2015

 201142104Intro Psychology 4Morgan T 0/28/0Closed
M W 10:00AM-11:54AMLA360
 201142105Intro Psychology 4Sepulveda M 13/31/0Open
M W 08:00AM-09:54AMBTC100
 201142106Intro Psychology 4Morgan T 0/28/0Closed
M W 12:00PM-01:54PMLA360
 201142107Intro Psychology 4White-Underwood R 0/31/0Closed
M W 12:00PM-01:54PMLA370
 201142108Intro Psychology 4Jackson L 0/31/0Closed
T R 08:00AM-09:54AMLA370
 201142109Intro Psychology 4Pilgrim C 0/28/0Closed
T R 10:30AM-12:24PMLA360
 201142110Intro Psychology 4Jackson L 0/31/3Closed
T R 10:00AM-11:54AMLA370
 201142111Intro Psychology 4Beebe D 0/28/0Closed
T R 02:30PM-04:24PMLA360
 201142112Intro Psychology 4Pilgrim C 0/28/0Closed
T R 12:30PM-02:24PMLA360
 201142113Intro Psychology 4Morgan T 2/28/0Open
M W 08:00AM-09:54AMLA360
 201142117Intro Psychology 4Beebe D 17/28/0Open
T R 08:00AM-09:54AMLA260
 201142118Intro Psychology 4Garcia G 16/24/0Open
T 08:00AM-11:54AMLA230
 201142119Intro Psychology 4Rosenbaum D 13/31/0Open
F 09:00AM-12:54PMLA270
 201142120Intro Psychology 4Nandigama P 29/31/0Open
F 09:00AM-12:54PMLA370
 201142121Intro Psychology 4Schell D 0/31/0Closed
T R 03:00PM-04:54PMLA370
 201142128Intro Psychology 4Beebe D 10/31/0Open
M W 02:00PM-03:54PMLA370
 201142131Intro Psychology 4White-Underwood R 6/28/0Open
M W 03:30PM-05:24PMLA360
 201142156Intro Psychology 4Garcia G 24/28/0Open
T 06:00PM-09:54PMLA360
 201142375Intro Psychology Online4Hoffmann W$30.0021/31/0Open
 201142433Intro Psychology Online4Pilgrim C$30.007/31/0Open
 201142484Intro Psychology Online4Hoffmann W$30.0024/31/0Open
 201142946Intro Psychology Online4Pilgrim C$30.0029/31/0Open
 201246041Intro Psychology 4Staff 27/31/0Open
M 08:00AM-11:54AMRC660
 201246097Intro Psychology 4Riha L 21/31/0Open
M 06:00PM-09:54PMRC660
 201246294Intro Psychology 4Riha L 17/31/0Open
R 06:00PM-09:54PMRC385

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