SC aware

You report. We respond.

If there is immediate risk to life or property call Schoolcraft Police at
734-462-4424, or dial 911.

Creating a culture of awareness
We believe that everyone is responsible for upholding the core values of respect and responsibility; this includes working together to keep our campus safe. SC aware provides a safe place where members of the ​college community can report concerns without the fear of retaliation.

Do I have to provide my name?
Reports can be submitted anonymously; however we encourage you to provide your contact information.

What can I expect after I report?
Your report will be assigned to a staff member for follow-up. Your report will be reviewed in a fair and impartial manner. We may contact you to obtain additional information.

What about confidentiality?
You can request confidentiality. We make every effort to honor such requests but cannot guarantee it. In some cases, disclosure is necessary in order to address the matter.


Instructional Concerns or Academic ​Matters
(for students)

Report Concerning Behavior ​or Misconduct
(for students, employees and visitors)

Request a late ​drop, ​withdrawal ("W"grade) or retake credit
(for students with extenuating circumstances)

Customer Service
Concerns and Issues
(for students, ​employees and visitors)

Not AnymoreAll students are expected to view the online ‘Not Anymore’ videos. These videos teach students how to prevent and respond to sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, stalking, and sexual harassment.

By viewing these videos and taking the online quiz, you will learn how to be safe and how to keep others safe, and you will help Schoolcraft comply with federal requirements raise campus awareness about standing up to interpersonal violence. 

report, review, resolution
SC aware

Emergency Situation:
Call 911
Call 8-911 (from any campus phone)

Schoolcraft College Police Department:
Call x4424
(from any campus phone)

Call (734) 462-4424
(from a cell or public phone)

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