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Writing Fellows

What We Do

  • Assist all Schoolcraft students and Police Academy recruits with basic grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure.
  • ƒPeer review police reports, research papers, and other writing assignments.
  • ƒTutor in grammar and vocabulary.
  • ƒProvide on-line assistance with writing assignments (
  • Classroom peer reviewing is available. Faculty should contact Niran Kheder, for details and scheduling.

Dates and Times

Refer to Writing Fellows Police Academy website for current dates and time.
No appointments necessary.

Hours of Service

  • Monday: 11:00am-1:00pm
  • Wednesday: 4:00pm-6:00pm      
  • Friday: 9:00am-1:00pm

Who We Are

John SolimantoJohn Solimanto: It’s the dawning of a new day and another opportunity in which to excel! John lives each and every day by this phrase. Whether on the job, playing sports, or studying at Schoolcraft, John’s tenacity provides him never-ending energy. His future endeavors and dreams involve flying aircraft in the United States Air Force. 

Recently, he attended Northwestern Preparatory School in Crestline, California. He learned numerous attributes from this school including dedication, time management, responsibility, and leadership. This school transformed John into a well-rounded person and an accomplished writer.

John has a clear understanding of the English language. In fact, unlike many people, he can diagram exceptionally problematic sentences into simpler pieces. This is an art long practiced and admired by grammarians nationwide. If you are having trouble with sentence structure, diagramming, or anything English/writing related, John is the man to see. With his vast experience and knowledge, he is equipped to make the most daunting of writing tasks a thing of the past.

Catherine BuckalewCatherine Buckalew joined the Writing Fellows in the winter of 2015 and is presently in her second year at Schoolcraft College. She brings both her love of helping others and her knowledge of the English language to the Writing Fellows. Catherine holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Houston (Texas). During her time as an undergrad, she was able to study at the University of Salamanca in Spain, which has the distinction of being the second oldest university in the world. While she was studying in Spain, she had an opportunity to tour the country and learn about its long history. While at Schoolcraft, she has consistently been on the Dean’s List and has been invited to join Phi Theta Kappa.

Before returning to school, Catherine worked for ten years in the nonprofit arena where she mastered her time-management skills by working simultaneously on several time-sensitive projects. She was also able to work with people from different backgrounds, and she wrote and was awarded many private and public grants that furthered the non-profit’s goals.            

Catherine is studying accounting and after graduation hopes to help small business owners in the Detroit area become more profitable by streamlining the accounting aspect of their businesses. She understands the difficulty of putting thoughts into words and is excited about helping other Schoolcraft students become more proficient in writing papers and expressing themselves.

Austin SeldersAustin Selders is a young man with a personable and honoring attitude. He displays to his peers a person who is kind‐hearted, mature, and relatable. His interests are philosophy, Buffalo Wild Wings, and all potentially life‐threatening and ridiculously fast motor‐vehicles. He persists to challenge himself to aid those in need with miniscule and mountainous endeavors; this is his drive as an active Writing Fellow.

Coming from such an extensive family, Austin knows how to work together with people of all backgrounds, having compassion and sensitivity. Growing up he had moved numerous times, which means attending a new school each year. This allowed him to learn how to make friends fast. He is currently in his freshman year at Schoolcraft College to earn his Associates Degree in nursing and transfer to Wayne State University.

“People will not care about how much you know, until they know how much you care.” Austin believes in the worth of each individual and will treat each person with the proper respect and care. As for his future, he looks toward the medical field as a great opportunity to continually meet new people and have a positive influence on them. One who would receive the benefits of Writing Fellows through Austin’s help can expect someone who is gentle, truthful, and a good friend.

Ann EmanuelsenAnn Emanuelsen is an eccentric individual in the best possible way. From cuddling cats to cooking on a coal stove, she has a very special set of skills and pursuits. All of Ann’s experiences have helped her to become a well-rounded person with positive things to contribute to the world. Whether she is helping a new immigrant learn the ABCs, finding a home for a kitten amputee, or demonstrating American domestic life in the 1760s, she is committed to doing an outstanding job.

Ann is so dedicated to her pursuits that she once drove over 700 miles to do research. While working at The Henry Ford’s Greenfield Village, she fell in love with the salt-box house that once belonged to the ordinary Daggett family in eighteenth century Connecticut. During her investigation, she found the original location of the house, historical orchards, and even the final resting place of the Daggett family and their community. Captivated by this family, she began to write a novel about them and her work in their home was more fascinating than ever.

Perhaps Ann’s biggest accomplishment was earning a Bachelor of Arts in Near Eastern and International Studies from Wayne State University. Her most challenging subject was learning the Arabic language from a professor who liked to constantly shout “ahlan wa sahlan,” an emphatic and hospitable welcome. Ann found an opportunity to teach English to new Arab immigrants where she utilized her knowledge of Arabic sentence structure to facilitate their learning. This season of Ann’s life was characterized by her search for the perfect tabbouli; after much experimentation, she determined that the essential ingredient that some recipes were missing was mint.

Police Academy Students

Writing Fellows are at the Public Safety Training Center

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