Accommodations Overview

  1. Accommodations are individually arranged through the Career and Transfer Center with Carl Monroe, Equal Access Counselor. Documentation of disability is required.
  2. Memos are sent to instructors listing the accommodations that each student may need. Students should let their instructors know when they need a specific accommodation.
  3. Additionally students must make specific arrangements for the following:
    • Testing: Ask the instructor to send the test to the Testing Center one week before the test date.
    • Tape Recorder: Bring to class and listen to tape after class, writing down important ideas.
    • Note Taker: Ask a fellow student to share notes or ask for assistance in finding a note taker. Review notes the same day several times.
    • Private Room, Scribe or Reader for tests: Contact the Testing Center at least one week before the test to make arrangements.
  4. Accommodations are available for all future terms as long as the accommodations are directly tied to the current impact of the disability. (Updated documentation may be requested.)

Check Areas of Interest

  • Need a job
  • Financial needs
  • Help for single parents
  • Services for students with disabilities (LD, ADD, anxiety, depression, physical, etc.)
  • Campus social organizations
  • Campus religious organizations
  • Athletics
  • Services/organizations for international students
  • Personal problem(s) support
  • Career selection support
  • Transfer issue(s) support
  • Childcare
  • Health insurance
  • Divorce support group
  • Women returning to the work force
  • Academic support (tutoring, etc.)
  • VA benefits

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